There were moments early on in the Wills and Kate emesis drama when I thought it foolish, wrong, and just plain stupid for a nurse to have given out information over the telephone. 

I mean, really, who thinks that Elizabeth Regina herself dials a main number and asks to be put through? Who really thinks that the monarch needs an anonymous hourly wager to divulge info that's probably already been written up in a top secret report overnight?

My money was on the nurse being fired, given the patient and all. Except that I know from experience that reporters do get put through to nursing supervisors all the time, and that person can and does give out a statement to reporters. Those are usually along the lines of "critical but stable." No details, no soft cuddly tones. Still....

But now, the game has changed. The nurse in this case is dead, which reminds me to reignite the ire I originally felt, but sort of left behind, for the buffoons Down Under who instigated this hoax from the get-go.

I think I can guess what season it is down there. And I can only imagine what time it was when this news became public. But I do hope that someone woke up those two fools and said, "You're finished."

Seriously, if they were surprised at being put through - and yes, it was an egregious error - then what did they plan on happening? An on-air hang-up? A moment to giggle and pretend to be embarrassed? Instead, they got a rundown of Kate's In's and Out's.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Is it not possible to just leave people alone? Must we humiliate and degrade everyone? This is why I don't watch commercial television. I have zero desire to see people who can't sing (or dance) humiliate themselves any more than I want to watch lions eat gladiators alive.

So here's my message for the universe:  I don't want to see your tongue, your underwear, your armpits, or your hoo-hah. I don't want to hear about your marriage, your therapist, your binges, or your surgery. Nor do I want to look at your wealth, your sulking children, or your stupid spouse.

I'm done (and I don't even watch this crap, so you can imagine how I'd feel if I actually did.) I vote for returning to the days when everyone did it, and no one talked about it. I enjoy the hint of something, rather than the full monty.

And that circles me back to this poor nurse. Unknowingly, she was made the butt of a world joke. She was no doubt wounded and humiliated. And for what purpose? So that we could all know that Kate was retching more or less than the day before? What have we come to?

Talk me down people. 

It's called me taking a few days off. I'll be back with Tao Te Thursday later this week. But for now, a writer friend sent me this fascinating video and I've watched it about five times. I love it. It reaffirms my belief in evolution. It makes me want to interact with the babies - but keep the Silverback at bay. Enjoy! But in the meantime, Frosty AK has turned me on to reading Dr. Joseph Mercola's natural health newsletter every day. I am hooked! And am dying to discuss it with you all. Happy holiday and be well. I'll be back with more of The Way. And H/T to Dear Frosty!




I think about it all the time. I've written about it a fair amount. And since I got nothin' else to write about right now, I thought I'd share this video. Nothing entirely new, but it's well done. I've been studying videos of Yale University Online and have some others I'd like to post. But for now allow me to report that when I put the pomegranate seeds in my Kashi, it does not turn the Almond milk pink. Just sayin'. 
Love this. Wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing after watching something like six straight hours of telly yesterday. I knew Eli would do it. There was something Shakespearean about his victory. Or perhaps it was just that Tom's Hail Mary pass simply didn't get caught. Wonder what The Bard would say about it all?
This video with one of my favorite senators, and indeed my senator, Barbara Boxer, arrived in my inbox this morning. Take a LOOK.  I've included the senator's website with the video embedded, but you can pull out the YouTube if you wish.

Clearly, it doesn't show the entire Nancy Brinker part from the beginning, but it shows enough, and I heard enough from her yesterday on the radio, to know that I truly don't want to hear anymore from her today.

The push back was big enough that they are dialing back the story, their reasoning for halting the Planned Parenthood funding, and their definition of "political."  

Let me summarize my feelings about this, feelings that have been shared all over the World Wide Web, and that is that poor women in America get screwed every day. And it infuriates me. Super uber wealthy Nancy B. can back pedal all she wants, but she makes my skin crawl.  

Meantime, if you missed it, fave political writer Sarah Jones tells is like it is when she looks deep into the decision making involved in this latest debacle. 

So tell me, is the apology and revision of their policy enough? Or is there more dirty dancing around the corner? Not sure. What say you?
I had lunch yesterday with two Republican women in my area. I happen to know them both (all two of 'em! badoom tsshhhh!) and the topic turned, against my will, to politics (before we got back to the real matter at hand which is local gossip.) I respect their right to that one woman-one vote thingy. And I love who they are as women, mothers, and vibrant members of our community. But Newt, really? Or "actually?" as my teenager might say? Well, it takes all kinds and they think of me as some sort of political nuisance and voter who must be allowed to fill out a ballot, unfortunately.

But what exactly does this have to do with a groovin' Golden Retriever? Absolutely nothing. As someone who grew up with Goldens, I just love this video. LOVE IT!!! And you will too. And that's all I'm gonna say about my dear friends, and that man they might vote for who tortured his Irish Setter on top of his car roof. See? I'm not gonna even say it. 
I don't care who you are. I don't care what color your politics, or how big your beef, you Just.Don't.Do.This. (jab your finger in the face of the leader of the free world)...especially if you are this stupid: 
Are there no manners left? Among anyone? Anywhere? You all know to what I am referring. Share more special Brewer moments in the comments if you wish. I am off to teach people who are one-third her age and have 1/100th of her advantages, yet have more respect for authority or position in their pencil points than Brewer has in her entire bleach bottle. As the Russians say:  how can you not be ashamed?
Not sure how to embed these videos. But here are two links that you might enjoy. This FIRST one is to a secret planning meeting for the Clinton Foundation. This SECOND link takes you to one of my favorite interview formats online. Take a few moments to watch them...any of 'em, all of 'em. I love it when very rich and oh-so-famous share their talent with us for free. And since it's Friday, it's time to lighten the mood here. Besides, the Raiders are playing the Packers on their turf this weekend. And I fear it's not going to be pretty. Have a great weekend!
Is this the beginning of an American Spring?  We are inured to seeing protest turn to violence and then turn to bloodshed.  OWS has yet to reach a body count.  But that day is now inevitable.  Officer Pike at UC Davis has just moved us closer to that day. In the same way that the bloody images of Neda in Tehran began an inevitable Arab Spring, the mindless insanity of Officer Pike's actions will galvanize an already polarized populace into more and more deadly face-offs.  His defenders will feel justified and somehow rationalize using military-grade pepper spray on your kids in college.  The same pepper spray that is illegal to use on prisoners in penitentiaries. If high school kids decide to join in on the Occupy movement, will it be legal to use pepper spray on them? Will the question of legality even matter at that point?

If ours is a nation of laws, it has become very apparent that those laws are made to protect power and wealth above any individual rights or freedoms. The laws of free speech and lawful assembly fall by the wayside if the laws are interpreted only by the rich and powerful.  When suddenly the amorphous "people" want to express discontent, there is a sudden need to clear parks and public areas for "the common good." The clear and present danger of a tent in a park certainly justifies giving a concerned young adult a concussion or a lung full of blood. 

OWS is ridiculed for being a leader-less mass without a clear message. May I offer two ideas for the movement?  First is to ban all lobbying now and forever. It would be as much a crime to try and influence an elected official with money as it would be to bribe a judge. The idea of all lobbyists losing their jobs would, I believe, have an enormous appeal. It would make for a great reality show and perhaps generate some good jobs. Oddly enough, they are all supposedly registered, so hunting them down would be a relatively simple matter.

The second idea is that all money currently paid to lobbyist and efforts to sway policy via advertisement, PACs, or other paid influence systems must now be paid directly to the nearest county librarian. It will be the job of every librarian with the county registrar of voters to then organize the issues and candidates into intelligible voter pamphlets listing both sides of every issue and all candidates in very dull and unbiased terms. Preferably on recycled paper.  

Every citizen who comes and picks one up from the library or requests one via snail mail is automatically registered to vote.  And if you vote, you are given your share of the money left over after printing the voter pamphlets and paying the librarians. 

The catch in all this will be that the voter pamphlet will list the donors and how much they gave.  So if you want to vote for the highest donor, you are free to do so. If they want to buy your vote, they are doing it directly and not wasting it on political middlemen. So much more efficient. And our brave politicians will always know if they were bought and sold, and so will we. The questions are so much simpler when reduced to just haggling over the price. The added benefit would be that librarians would take their rightful place in society and earn, eventually, a living salary. 

Silly ideas? Well, not really in light of the ideas we are hearing in this election year. Are they any more silly than 9-9-9? Criminalizing miscarriages?  DOMA? It is not a short list. But it is a list of buffoonery in face of the disaster facing those without jobs, without homes, and without hope for the future.

I don't think anyone in the Arab world thinks of the Arab Spring as a transitory thing. But the world did try and marginalize its nascence in the first few months. OWS is two months old. A bloodied kid or two more and we'll see the end of it, I'm sure. 

When I was fifteen I had the backs of my knees bashed in by a police truncheon on the steps of the San Francisco federal building in an anti-war protest. Vietnam.  Did we end war or even that war?  Hardly. But it was time for something completely different.

Thank you, CA Guy, for this fabulous post! He will try to be available to check in to respond to your comments.


A reader sent this. It raises three specific questions for me:  

If it were Sarah, why would she say this after only one missed menstrual cycle?

If it were Sarah, did she say this after several missed periods?

If it were Sarah, what happened to the baby?

But perhaps it wasn't Sarah. 

Let me share with you what the vox populi in Alaska has shared with me:

Bristol's pregnancy that had the school abuzz was over the winter of 2006 into Feb of 2007.  

2006 was the year Bristol left Wasilla and went to live with her aunt to recover from Mono.  Confirmed the year with XYZ.  They were all students at XYZ High.

This was the same year she left Wasilla High and was MIA for the rest of the school year, supposedly in Anchorage attending school, but no record of that either.

To the best of my memory it was 2006 or 07.  Yes the rumors were swirling, I never paid much attention to it. 

Bristol's pregnancy and subsequent exile was all the kids talked about for months.  She was not well liked at school and they all seemed to enjoy seeing her get knocked down to size.

Once Sarah announced the pregnancy, they were simply never seen in public.  She said “pregnant”, I thought "poor thing, at your age!"  and thought no more about it until all the crazy stuff began.

Bristol did not reappear until early in 2008. 

I do remember seeing Dr. Cathy on the local news, and she did indeed have an attorney behind her, and did not answer any of the questions put to her. She made a brief statement, and it was over.  Pat Dougherty was a bit sneaky in how he worded his reply to you.  There was a statement, and it was not at the newspaper offices.

Vox Pops indeed, as we called them in the news biz.  Hope to add more to the collection over time.