I have just begun researching and interviewing for a story on foreskin restoration. The piece will be for the Good Men Project Magazine out of Boston for which I write the Manhood and Medicine column.

Just had a great interview with a man who is at the forefront, if you will, of the restoration movement. His candid comments were terrific. It's always such a pleasure to interview someone who approaches their position in a story with honesty and humor. How else to understand such a sensitive, if you will, topic.

I am on to other parts, if you will, of the story. Which is good. Because that way I can stop trying to be witty and learn more about this fascinating and esoteric topic. 

If you or anyone you know can lend some insight to this, please reach me through the contact page on this site. Thank you!



12/10/2010 07:31

What a fabulous web site, Laura! Just finding this after coming out of my hole. Your pictures are so fantastic and stories so compelling.

Congratulations!! Can't wait to read your latest piece in GMP and can't wait purchase a copy of FINDING CLARITY!

07/23/2012 11:26

Nice blog, just wanted to say I found you through Google

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