I always wondered what Levi told her. The "tell" is at 1:26. 


05/15/2011 18:59

Why would we care what a comedienne would say? She writes scripts that may well have a lot of fiction mixed in with some fact. The "age 16" may be true or it may be false, but Griffin's commenting on it bears no weight IMO. Unfortunately.

05/15/2011 19:09

You may be right. But I've always thought she did this on purpose. I think she's very smart and knew exactly what she was saying. And she said in an intv. that Levi told her the secret that would bring SP down. At any rate, it's a nice, light bridge to my next few posts.

Hockey Wife/Widow
05/15/2011 19:24

Sharks are playing Vancouver right now, so I have a bit of time to weigh in with some questions.

How would the timeline go, exactly, if Bristol were pregnant at 16?

Laura? Brad?

05/15/2011 19:28

Ohhhh my! Interesting.

Did you see/hear Kathy's other clue during the joint Levi-Kathy interview on the Insider?

Levi is being asked about Sarah's pregnancy. The male host questioned Levi, "You saw her pregnant?"
Kathy blurts out, "You never saw..." but then shuts up.

starts at about 0:37-38

05/15/2011 19:36

Indeed! I DO remember that. And I have to think of the math for Hockey widow, but I suspect it adds up to something "bad." And I think this is why B. went after KG about her plastic surgery. Levi told her. "Nuf said.

Some interesting posts coming this week. Stay tuned.

05/15/2011 19:53

Yup. I agree that Levi told Kathy all. I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts!

05/16/2011 03:07

Love your title, Laura!

Kathy's speech is hearsay, of course, but not the only time for Levi to indicate that Bristol was pregnant at 16. There's an interview with Larry King where he starts to say 16 and then corrects himself to say 18 (and I think she was actually pregnant at 17).

05/16/2011 06:03

It was pretty well-known in Wasilla when she left town at 16 for 4-5 months that she was pregnant. My question is what about the bump she was sporting during DWTS? What happened to that pregnancy?

05/16/2011 06:05

It just occurred to me that the doctor she visited in December after DWTS was probably not an oral surgeon, although if she had an abortion, the dental/chin work would be a nice cover. This family was a few million votes away from DC. What a disaster that would have been!

05/16/2011 09:01

She seemed to mention the number 16 a number of times although in different contexts. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. On the other hand if she was trying to send a message in an oblique fashion then I think only a few would pick it up (such as those possessing a bit of a sixth sense.)

05/16/2011 09:14

And let's not forget the "White Precious" comment. There are other fat movie characters she might have referenced. But she choose a young teenager with a Ds baby (and family involvement, ouch).

Ottoline is correct, of course. We don't know if this is just silly, or unintended. It's just that there were so MANY comments of this nature about that age in particular. And we know Levi told her the secret.

So anyway. A new post going up today and a doozy coming later this week.

05/16/2011 11:47

Laura, I'm really looking forward to the new posts.

I'm working of my own cognitive biases in the meantime. For other's amusement, I'll share one mini-report.

@curioser pointed out an interesting NYT article last week about health disclosures in prior campaigns. It made me curious about who Cheney chose for his medical disclosures in 2000. At least three doctors atested to Cheney's fitness in 2000, including Cheney's primary internist and designated healthspoken, Dr. Gary Malakoff. Cheney, of course, had several serious heart problems after the 2000 elections.

Four years later, in July 2004, the Washington Post reported that Dr. Malakoff had a serious prescription drug problem. According to Cheney's cardiologist, Cheney had "known for years" about Malakoff's drug problems:



Useless factoid: Some Biblical scholars believe the pomegranate is the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge described in Genesis. According to Cheney's 2000 health records, he has a lethal allergy to pomegranates. His Secret Service agents carry an epinephrine syringe in case of accidental digestion.

05/16/2011 11:54

sorry typo, should be "accidental ingestion" not "digestion."


05/16/2011 14:46

Wonder how he'd do with acai berry?

Thanks for that fascinating story. A bit of Darth Cheney lore I did not know! Tres amusant indeed!

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