I swear to God I am only a few surgical procedures away from being able to do this.   Or not.
On this great holiday, I want to say that I am proud to be an American. I am proud that Barack Obama is our president. I am proud that DiFi and Boxer are my senators, and that Barbara Lee votes her conscience. 

And I m proud to be in the company of all of you every day. You are among the most devoted, intelligent, diligent, and patriotic people I know. And you make it pleasure for me to be on my blog every day. Thank you for being here and for all your hard work!

Now, go eat something (even if you're overseas, which I know many of you are). And then shimmy till Paul Revere rings his bells.  See you Tuesday with a new number of my own. Oh, and Happy Fourth of July!!


07/03/2011 18:10

Right back atcha, Laura! Have a great Fourth. And by the way, one more thing to be proud of: you and this group of smart people right here.

07/03/2011 19:24

Nobody does it like Tina. What a great anthem for 4th of July, thanks Laura!

And not only for this awesome video but for the community your blog has created. I appreciate it so much.

07/03/2011 20:25

What an uplifting post and fun! I will go up and listen to the video in a minute. Thanks Laura, you have taken up some reins for us recently and given us new hope that the babygate story will be told one day, and that we are not crazy, and that we can achieve a wonderful, democratic, Palin-free society. I love music and I love dancing! Happy 4th of July!

07/04/2011 02:24

I keep seeing this pop up so I thought I'd comment, given that I lived in Alaska. The Matsu Valley is a huge place. It is bizarre for anyone to think the entire population of it is "being silenced" or "scared to talk". There are to date more people who don't know the Palins than know them (personally I mean). Yes, Alaska shares characteristics of a small town. However, most people don't like gossip. The people who've been publicly opposed to these dramas are people who either arelooking to make a buck (ie teens who sell lies) or the few who feel they've been wronged.

It is true the family's friends protect them from crazies who stalk Sarah. Every journalist who visits Wasilla stalks her. This is why people there resent the media. They're burned out. This is a big reason for silence. It was too much attention in a short time. Journalists are typically out for blood and have been known to burn people to get at their targets.

Also, most people (teens and adults alike) accept Trig as Sarahs, even defending him as such. These same teens defended Willow against the money hungry boys who sold facebook posts for 10g. There were a lot of teens who took the Palins side then. People don't appreciate others' immaturity. There's nothing shady. No one is personally threatened. Its a battle between people who crave attention via the Palins and people who don't. Our battle is determining which people are actually crazy and unjustified in their jealousy and hatred and who deserves sympathy.

Thing to remember, people hate drama that affects them. So they're going to avoid any contact with any form of drama. Ie media.

07/04/2011 04:28

Lots of h's I have lots of questions for you. Thanks for your real life comments on the Matsu Valley and its people. So the valley is huge, but I have always heard Wasilla being referred to as a small town. Is it just small in population but large in area? I have seen Lake Lucille described as being a short distance from downtown Wasilla. This is hard for me to envision because in my state we don't have lakes close to downtown. How would you describe that?

You mentioned that Trig is accepted as Sarah's. That makes sense since they have been seen together for three years. I am kind of curious about the town's reaction to when he appeared on the scene. Did the townspeople view her as physically pregnant and therefore, not surprised by his arrival? Were you or any of your circle of friends aware of rumors circulating about Bristol being pregnant around that same time like the emails have stated?

I'm sure the town is stressed out by all the chatter. It must get old. It strikes me as a little odd that journalists are noted as stalking her since no papers or TV shows are full of their stories. With the exception of an occasional magazine article or a book we don't read journalists' writings about Sarah Palin, because there aren't many. Any writing about her is right here in the blogosphere and to my knowledge bloggers aren't stalking her. Do you think that is an accurate perception or a reflection of the citizens' media fatigue?

What can you tell us about the perceptions of the Johnstons by the people?

Hope you don't mind me picking your brain.

Hey, everyone, how about celebrating freedom........

07/04/2011 16:32


The Mat Su Borough is the size of W Virginia. People are spread out over that area except in the towns. Wasilla is a bedroom community to Anchorage. Less than 10,000 population in this "city" (yeah Wasilla chose to incorporate as a 1st class CITY!) Go figure...

There are 2 lakes adjacent to "downtown" - Wasilla Lake and Lake Lucille. The "downtown" is basically a strip mall on the Parks Hwy, running from Wasilla Lake on the east to Lake Lucille on the west. The Best Western Hotel is very close the Palin's place on Lake Lucille. And that's just west of the 'strip mall' downtown.

In outlying areas it is not unusual for lot sizes to be 5 to 10 acres.

I expect that H's has never even visited the Mat Su Valley, or ever met the $palins. People in AK got tired of her constant and unethical drama, that's why the poll numbers dropped like a rock. People here are TIRED of everything palin.

07/04/2011 18:19

Happy 4th of July to you all!!

This blog -- and the ability to have the conversations we are having here-- is, for me, one reason to celebrate today and to continue the struggle to maintain our liberty and right to free speech.

My daughter and I marked the day by watching the very important film "Fair Game" -- about Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson who, against great difficulties, published the truth about the WMD lies and rationale for the Iraq War spread by the Bush Administration.

It is one of the most compelling films I have ever seen on the need to speak truth to power.

I urge you to watch it again and again, especially when the going gets tough with the MSM, and you begin to feel cynical and tempted to give it all up.

Then, if you want an up close and personal look at the "Powers" we are up against, see "Casino Jack" (the documentary -- make sure it is the documentary and not the recent film with Kevin Stacy -- though the movie is also supposed to be good).

The documentary"Casino Jack" is available to download on your computer from Netflix.

Keep in mind when you watch it, the reported connections between Abramoff and his pals and Lowell "Bud" Paxson, who, some of us suspect, is connected to the choice of Sarah Palin as MCain's candidate for the vice-presidency.

Then, watch "Fair Game" yet again to regain your fighting spirit.

Again, Happy 4th everyone!!!

07/04/2011 22:16

Unless Sarah went to church on the 2 Sundays that she was in Wasilla all day, which was Mar. 16 and Mar. 23, I'll bet there wasn't 100 people in Wasilla that saw her between the time she announced her pregnancy until she left for Texas.
She spent most of her time in Anchorage at her office.
I bet she didn't do a whole lot of running around town after she got home in the afternoons after leaving the office.
If you've never looked at her schedule for Feb. Mar.and Apr. check this out.


Sp schedule is the second one from the bottom.

07/08/2011 15:17

Thanks for posting this Laura, it's nice to know the "Acid Queen" is still around singing and dancing! My holiday was a bit sad as I was at a funeral, but that's part of life.



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