Last night in Fredericksburg, Texas, I stood across a table from Bristol Palin while she signed my copy of “Not Afraid of Life.”  (Walmart, $19.69)

Things like Bristol Palin don’t often happen on a Friday night in Fredericksburg (population: 11,305).  By 5:30 pm there were about a hundred of us who stood in the line snaking through the Walmart garden center. Waiting was festive because we are Texans are good at making parties where we gather. Both the women in front and behind me had driven from San Antonio, 70 miles away. They’d heard about the book signing on the radio while listening to Rush.

A small army of excited Walmart employees and four local policemen enforced us. There was a single Fox cameraman from San Antonio or Austin.

Nobody talked politics.  The lady behind me asked, “What’s her little boy’s name again?”  “Tripp,” I told her.  “Well, then, what’s that other one’s name?” she said.  “Trig,” I said.   “That’s right,” she said but didn’t sound completely convinced.  A young Latina mother was at the head of the line with three small children, who each held a copy of Bristol’s book.

Nobody talked about Sarah Palin, but one woman had a t-shirt with a giant pair of pink lips and homemade pink lettering that said “Sarah Palin”. 

No one mentioned Jesus, God, or church.

We all asked the same question.  Why, Fredericksburg?  Why not Amarillo or Dallas?

Pretty soon, word drifted back through the line that a Walmart employee had said that this Walmart is the top seller of Sarah Palin books in Texas or maybe even in the world. 

“We’re just lucky,” a portly man in a Texas t-shirt said. I told him that I just happened to be in Fredericksburg visiting my parents, and he said I was doubly lucky. 

A Walmart employee walked down the line telling us to have our books open to the right page and to display our receipt.  She reminded us of the rules:  no posed photos, no inscriptions, no conversation with Bristol.  All personal items must be placed in plastic tubs like at an airport screening.

Bristol was right on time.  From behind a display of lawn chairs, she entered the staging area where the signing table was set up. Tripp followed with a babysitter (I believe it was Ivy Frye) close behind. A few people clapped.   I was surprised by how thin and long-legged Bristol was and how pretty.   She wore a heavy scarf, jeans, and a sweater even though outside it wasn’t just Texas summer but the worst drought in over a hundred years.

As Bristol sat at the table, Tripp was placed in a chair beside her.   Almost immediately he started to whine, and the blonde woman carried him away.

The line began to move.  It felt a little like a Lourdes pilgrimage, maybe because there were a few wheelchairs and walkers and plenty of babes in arms.  As we neared the table, I saw that Bristol broke all the Palin rules.  She talked to each person. She posed for photos and shook hands warmly. Her movements were gracious and assured.   She seemed to be enjoying herself.

When it was my turn, my friend Finn handed Bristol the book while I fumbled with my cellphone camera. And then we were done.

In less than an hour, the event was over.

I’d really wanted to hate Bristol.  Laugh about her plastic surgery. Or at least work up a little righteous anger for all the hours and years I’ve spent  reading every Palin watchdog blog worth a damn and despairing of the day when truth and justice will triumph over hoaxes, lies, and Murdochian anti- journalism.

But right there in person, I just felt sorry for Bristol Palin. I thought of my own daughter and of other 20-year-old girls I know.   How sad  that this girl would—on the advice of adults she trusted-- travel  so many miles to the middle of the Texas nowhere to autograph a book of lies she hadn’t written for mostly old people who had nothing better to do on a Friday night than mosey over to Walmart for a gander at Sarah’s girl. 

What I was aware of last night was the loneliness of the people who‘d come.  

“My husband was painting the ceiling, and he just came in and said, ‘How’d you like to drive over to Fredericksburg and see Bristol Palin, and I said, well, I don’t know, and he said, well come on, get your bag, we’re going, and I said, are you sure, and he said. . .”

But more importantly, I experienced first hand the insidious naiveté of the Palin brand/ weapon.  Its stubborn and aggressive amateurism.  The oxymoronic joke  of a book signing in Walmart.  Ivy Frye in her ill-fitting gray suit directing folks like a traffic cop.  A publicist who picked the wrong stop in Texas.  Tripp as stage prop.  Bristol’s dramatic signature on the page of a book someone else wrote.  It was a carnival sideshow as freaky and crude as a  two-headed calf.

And we, the American people, are the suckers.

Dear Bristol, my dear girl, this is exactly the kind of life you need  to  fear.



07/09/2011 12:40

Let's give it up for Viola-Alex for this terrific field report. I really appreciate your/her solid account and sensitive analysis of what might appear to be an innocuous event, but is really part of a larger, more insidious whole.

And H/T to V-A for alerting Wonkette to the book signing. Great to see your name in bright lights!

The other jk
07/09/2011 12:57

Great report, Viola-Alex. Thank you.

Looks like Ivy Frye is still babysitting Sarah Palin's kids.

lilly lily
07/09/2011 13:00

Noone wants to hate Bristol.

I certainly feel a tingue of pity for a girl who really has lost her moral compass, if she ever had one.

Fortunatly I was married to a man I cared for at 20, her age. I don't know that I was ready for marriage, but had a wonderful life and long happy marriage, and good kids.

Fortunatly my husband made up for my immaturity as he was 8 years older and truly loved me.

Bristol was immature, Levi wasn't steadfast, so it didn't work out. Sarah is not a good role model in spite of her remaining married. What did she say? "Marriage is a business contract?"

That happens, all too often, even with girls who are mature and intelligent.

Obviously she now hates Levi, where once she chased after him. What disrepect for the father of their child, to turn a fast buck, to show the world he was a rat? How many men has she had along in her 5 years of fake virginity? All rats?

No I don't hate the girl. It is pitiful in a way. I feel she is digging her own grave with men in the future. She has taken her mothers route.

Lies and more lies. That is the way to get a rotter in the end, because I don't think she deserves a decent guy.

Anyone decent will shy away, given what she is doing to Levi.

07/09/2011 13:19

Thank you Viola-Alex.
I also feel sorry for Bristol because I think she got caught up in the lies before she had any real life experience or knowledge as to how to save herself.
I feel saddest, knowing that if Bristol continues to feed the lie(s), she will be creating a negative kind of energy for her future. She'll never be free. A very sad place to be.

Another observation of the Texas book signing: http://tinyurl.com/3mgdwyq

lilly lily
07/09/2011 13:44

At the supermarket checkout. One cover bemoans teen single moms being on Reality T.V.. Something about the shows ruining their lives. Cigarettes and popcorn to keep their weight down etc.to be photogenic.. Being bribed to remain when they wanted to leave etc.

Anyone wanting to see a miserable woman. Look at the wife of Prince Albert. Pictures are similar to Princess Di at the height of her miserable marriage to Prince Charles. I have never seen a more miserable looking beautiful woman. The body language is astonishing. The eyes, the shrugs, the weeping, the posture.

Supposedly the new Princess tried to run away three times. Once stopped at the airport with a one way ticket back to Africa.

The Prince has multiple babies from multiple women. He needs a legitamate heir.

How anyone could force a woman into a unwanted marriage in this day and age is astonishing, but look at all the chicanery with Babygates.

The gossip is out there, and what the reality is, only the two of the marriage partners knows.

It looks very strange to me.

Being in the public eye is hell. Bristol is choosing to remain in the public forum for money reasons.

Living a lie is hell. Bristol doesn't seem to have reached a stage where she realizes what a terrible self destuctive road she has chosen.

07/09/2011 13:47

Thank you for the sensitive tone of this entry. As awful as Bristol's behavior has been, I do feel she is a tragic figure as well. Sad.

lilly lily
07/09/2011 13:49

A quote. Oscar Wilde...

"No man is ever rich enough to buy back his past."

07/09/2011 14:18

thanks for a really good story. It's good to know Bristol is a good girl. With time, she'll surely find her way in life.

Hugh Mannity
07/09/2011 14:23

Thank you Viola-Alex for your insightful and beautifully written observations !

Your viewpoint is an important reminder that we anti-Palin folks would do well to temper all the vitriolic hatred we indulge in with a little empathy and understanding.

"Hate the sin, not the sinner" and all that . . .

Excellent job, V-A !

07/09/2011 14:39

Thanks for this, Viola-Alex. Interesting and, yes, sad.

Although I have to say, my largest book signing had 250 people standing in line, with no police and no plastic bins for personal items. What are these Palin women afraid of?

07/09/2011 14:44

Aww. This is exactly how I feel. I cringed watching her bit on "The View", feeling deeply sorry for her. Seeing the hesitation and confusion when her coached trite responses to educated mature women weren't met with the applause and approval she expected. That these successful adult women celebrities with their own life experiences - poverty and hardship, single-parenting, divorces, children and grandchildren, public relations - would somehow offer her approval and commendation.
It was not random coincidence that the show led with Casey Anthony, another story of consequence of unwed single mothering. I didn't feel disapproval or hostility; I felt sorrow and kind of sick.
I have a daughter her age. May she never be in this kind of situation and played by adults.

07/09/2011 14:46

Interesting story. There are a LOT of little things that make you wonder " WHY " she would ever show up there. Since she only sold 50 books at her last stop in deeply red AL and in a large metropolitan area... I guess it was NOT about the book Sales. Maybe it was attempt to try to pump up her ego ( make her feel important again) after the air went out of the 'balloon'(IE: her head )with that last failure...?

I think her ' autograph ' is the most intriguing. What would a handwriting expert ( and psychologist)say about THAT? The overly exaggerated and inflated B and P letters. A grasp for attention?...and to stand out? And using a Dot on both the first and last name instead of writing out an additional 2 or 3 letters? What purpose. ( It's just weird and creepy, very Palin though ) Someone that stood in line for that time and spent their money to buy a book someone else wrote for her and she won't spend an additional 2 seconds to actually write out her name? ( What would other authors you know say about that ?)I guess SHE feels she is more important... her time is valuable. Saved 2 seconds. The book buyer is the little people.
She sure doesn't sign like the rest of those REAL American's do... looks very ' Elitest ' to me.It says a LOT though.

07/09/2011 14:47

Thank you, Viola-Alex. Yes, this is the kind of life that Bristol should fear if she continues down this path. I've always felt sorry for her right from the start. Sometimes when she's lashed out against Levi with lies or when she acts too much like her mother it's difficult not to feel frustrated with her so it becomes almost too easy to start to dislike her.

Bristol is controlled by her mother and she may not even realize it, convincing herself that she's making her own choices. If Trig is Bristol's child I don't know how she can break free. If Sarah has custody of him Bristol may never get to see him again so perhaps she has to keep a relationship with her mother. Even if Trig is her little brother she may risk losing all contact with him if she turns against Sarah. In some situations the older siblings are more of a caregiver than the actual parent and are more protective of the younger siblings than the parent.

It's a terrible kind of control so it may be difficult to grasp the full extent of it if you've never experienced it. Even those who grow up under this control don't fully grasp how far it reached until they are much older.

Sarah's been on a constant mission to divide the country. Behind the scenes she will do the same with her own family if they don't follow her rules and beliefs. When she says "OBEY" (like she did in the TMZ clip when speaking of her family), she means it. JMO

Virginia Voyer
07/09/2011 14:55

Virginia Voter
07/09/2011 14:58

I have figured out why Bristol is wearing so much clothing in the middle of a very hot summer! She must have just had liposuction all over her body, and is sporting those bands the cosmetic surgeon gives you to wear for a few weeks to shrink your skin.

Otherwise the outfits she has been wearing lately make absolutely no sense. There's a reason she's hiding under all those clothes.

07/09/2011 15:00

What a good write-up. Thank you! I'm esp moved by the "loneliness" and hurt souls part. That sadness reminds me of the excellent documentary by Nancy Pelosi, "Feeling Wronged":


At first it feeds into our stereotypes about Palin supporters, but as I watched I felt a huge sympathy for people portrayed.

Of course, APelosi has made a number of stunning documentaries.

mistah charley, ph.d
07/09/2011 15:37

I too feel sorry for Bristol, and the rest of her family. As Bruce Springsteen sang, "Everybody's got a hungry heart." Bristol is sad; Sarah is dangerous, but it seems that her most influential days are behind her - at least I hope so.

MO Inkslinger
07/09/2011 15:44

From her signature, it looks like she is following in her mother's way and quitting halfway through the signature.

07/09/2011 15:45

lilly lilly,

I am 8 years older than my wife, she was 18 when we got married, and after 47 years she is still trying to get me to mature.

07/09/2011 16:33

Excellent reporting, Viola. Thanks for "taking one for the team"!

I love the part about the lonely people attending. I think Bristol herself is going to have a lonely life, when all is said and done.

07/09/2011 16:45

Thank you Viola-Alex. As Laura said, you portrayed the situation with sensitivity. It makes it all the more poignant and heart-rending. I don't like Bristol at all, but you have made me take a step back. Her parents have basically ruined her life at the tender age of 20. So what that she has made a million of so. No man will ever trust her again and her son will probably despise her in the future.

What sort of parents would have allowed her to make these life choices?

She will need to be a very strong woman to come out of this unscathed. Somehow, I doubt that she we will.

Shame on her parents.

07/09/2011 17:08

I still find it pretty easy to dislike Bristol.

Her facebook messages to Sadie show a level of hatred and venom rivaled only by her mother.

She trashes her child's father while the child sits feet away in the audience. She takes Levi to court for "exploiting" Tripp- and then within weeks has him on the cover of People, In Touch, US Weekly, photographed in lavish magazine spreads...followed by selling shots of him to paparazzi while in LA, pimping him out on her book cover-- and using him conveniently as a chin-shield...she's obviously the biggest hypocrite in the world. Er, second biggest. Way to make mommy proud, B.

She tells ridiculous lies to keep pandering to her mother's sloppy seconds AKA the people who will buy her book. "Oh, this chin that grew two inches overnight? It's because I had my perfect, straight, white teeth fixed. Oh, the abstinence thingy? Well I'm qualified for that because my virginity was STOLE! And I was not actually having sex at the exact moment I told Candies I was abstinent, so technically I wasn't lying."

I know Bristol was born to a wicked wretch of a woman. But she DOES know basic right from wrong. She knows this whole abstinence pushing tea party princess is not HER at all.

I do have moments of sorrow and empathy for her. But they are far eclipsed by my disgust over her lies, cover-ups, vitriolic blow ups over people who call her out on her bad behavior...and most certainly her revenge on Levi at her small son's expense.

And as a lifelong Texan who has been bitching about this sweltering summer for months...WHAT is with the way Bristol and Sarah dress??? Sarah wears a trench coat to a fancy lunch in her own home...and Bristol? Short sleeves and camping in 25 degree Alaska...but chin-to-chest scarf in 100 degree, 100% humidity Haiti and scarves AND layers in Fredricksburg where the heat index that day was 106? Seriously...what is wrong with them?

07/09/2011 17:17

I don't hate Bristol either, but can't forget all of the nasty things she has said about and to Levi, Mercedes, and others. The pretty face, sweet smile, and warm greetings are all a thin veneer barely covering the sneering contempt that she, like the rest of her family, seems to hold for everyone who is not a part of their tight inner-circle. I feel some sympathy, still, because I know she is a product of her parents. But that sympathy is shrinking by the day.

07/09/2011 17:17

Wonderful report Viola-Alex! I'm feeling sorry for Bristol today, too. I'm surprised that Ivy Frye was there. Bristol excluded her from the long list of acknowledgements in the book which seemed to confirm the rumors that she'd split from her cozy relationship with the Palins. Did you get a photo of her by any chance?

07/09/2011 20:01

Ooops -- the documentary I gave the link to above is of course by Nancy Pelosi's DAUGHTER.

07/09/2011 20:43

I was pleasantly surprised that she at least makes complete sense when she answered the women on the view. Not one word salad sentence;) Although when she said all she was worried about was feeding her baby or something like that it sounded bizarre. Unless, SP at first told her daughter she was on her own & cut off?

I do feel sorry for her because she and her siblings have had Sarah for a parent. We already believe that SP threw her at the wolves with her pregnancy. Who here thinks that Bristol did any of the things she did without bad advice from her mother? SP herself was talking about "Ricky Hollywood" and bad mouthing Levi while saying she wasn't. She is an awful role model. How could Bristol know any different when she lived with a mother who led them to believe that everyone was awful but her. All she has ever done is blame everyone but herself.

Dragging Piper around (& Trig when he was useful) was disgusting. They should have been having a normal childhood. They should never have been exposed to the "hatred" that she spewed. Does anyone remember where Sarah & Bristol or Willow were talking to the woman in Alaska and they asked her what she did. When she said she was a teacher they both looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Then the daughter was downright disrespectful. It was like watching two people gang up on someone like in jr. high. It was just weird.

I don't know but the whole family is messed up & while Bristol was able to cash in on her mother's fame Willow & Piper will not be able to. I would assume there will be some hard feelings along the way. Let's face it if Willow or Piper get pregnant they are not going to be able to cash in & make the big bucks. They will have to have regular jobs and I am sure they will be very jealous of Bristol.

As someone mentioned above I think Bristol is going to have some hard times ahead. People will never like her because of what has happened. She comes off as a spoiled, spiteful little beotch and her mother should be ashamed. These kids needed someone to help them & give them some good advise and they have not received it.

That is why I can't dislike Bristol. I feel sorry for her and her siblings. They don't act like normal children because they have a mother with mental problems. I hope that she gets away from these nuts that is about the only chance she has at a normal life. I am glad to know that she was nice at her book signing.

Bobcat Logic
07/09/2011 21:41

If anyone is ready for a break from Bristol, may I suggest that you go to the Guardian webiste ( in the UK) and read all of their articles on Murdoch and the unfolding scandal.

Seems that Murdoch was instrumental in persuading Tony Blair to go to was with Iraq.

Murdoch is also the guy behind much, if not most, of Palin's power. He (and the Dominionist enablers) is where we should be concentrating our energies , IMO.

07/09/2011 22:41

@Laura - Thank you for encouraging me to cover this event. A reporter's job is hard! Everything happened so fast. My camera battery died. And I really did not want to feel sorry for Bristol. But there you go. You are a generous host to open your blog up to us.

@Other JK and curiouser - is that Ivy Frye? I thought so, but wasn't sure. If it is, the Palins sure have taken a toll on her.

@Lily lily - you're absolutely right about the Prince Albert marriage. I remember hearing how Grace Kelly's family literally sold her to the Prince of Monaco, to improve the image of his country. Family crimes just keep cycling until finally someone is brave enough to break the pattern.

@anonfornow - the really weird thing is that the whole show was really loosey goosey and anybody could have done anything. Had I wanted to confront Bristol about her mother's crimes I could have, at least for a few minutes. It was very small town. People kept pushing their shopping cart onto the staged area.

@honestyingov - that's the REAL question. There are places in Texas I KNOW that would have turned out hundreds for her if they'd gone after Bristol's demographic and not her mom's.

@LTA - I hear you. I sure did want to hate her. I just knew she'd act like a princess and we'd all feel like robots, but it didn't happen. I was really taken aback by my sympathy for her. I guess that's the "mom" in me. I 'll give her one more year til she's 21, then I'll hold her accountable.

@DebinOH - Do you think Bristol's been coached? She sure handled the View woman pretty well, and you're right. No word salad.

@Ginnu - Bristol's genuine kindness to the generally unfortunate people who showed up was impressive -- and totally surprising. My friend Finn, who knows nothing of the Palin saga other than she hates Sarah's politics, was totally surprised when I filled her in after the event.

@Ottoline - The Tea Party and the GOP make me so damn mad that I had really wanted to make fun of the whole thing. It's different when you come face to face with these people and talk to them. I didn't reveal my true self to the people in line ( I was being a !!reporter!!) but you know, I think they would have just joshed with me because I look and sound as Texan as they do.

07/09/2011 22:57

I hope I made it clear that I do not condone anything about Bristol Palin. But to see her, right there in front of me, she became a human being. All I could think was Where The Hell Are the Grown Ups?

(and THAT pertains as much to the Johnston children as it does the Palin children. I don't care how sick Sherry is, she is the mother, not Mercede. What kind of guidance is Keith offering Levi?)

When Bristol is 21, I'll hold her accountable. Until then, I choose to blame her parents.

07/10/2011 00:11

Thanks Viola-Alex for the field report. I went to a book signing at an actual bookstore for the author of those alphabet female private investigator mysteries. The books are set in my home town and she lives in a bedroom community right next door. First, there was not one rule, and second, we were provided with post-it notes so we could write what we wanted our greeting to be.

I think the emphasis on security is one of two things. Either she is paranoid or it is a distancing tool to make her look more important.

The empathy that I have for Bristol arises out of my observation that she is desperately trying to put the past five years behind her and move on but she doesn't have the skill set or the emotional maturity to know how to do it. The last years have been very stressful for a 15-20 year old. I think the book is to both make some money and the expression of a fantasy that if she writes down what she has been through, she can close out the chapter and move on to a less stressful future. She wants to hit the reset button and regain some personal equilibrium. All her cryptic, canned answers are an attempt to put an end to the sources of major stress. She isn't engaging in dialogue, having open conversations or meaningfully talking about a real future. Every answer is a shut down - stop asking me questions I can't answer.

It takes its toll: teen-age sex, pregnancies, drinking, drugging, boyfriend break-ups, all the lies that go with it, not to mention the glare and travel of political campaigns. She just doesn't have the coping mechanisms she needs to employ to deal with being thrown into the spotlight, nor does she have a grownup to help guide her.

That is the most stark difference that I see between her and her alter ego Meghann McCain, who is lightyears ahead of her in handling being in the spotlight. Bristol is amateur hour and it shows. JMHO

07/10/2011 02:51

Of course she was nice at the book signing, Sarah is too. The people buying her book are putting money in her pocket so she has every reason to be nice. However, she has proven on every private occasion to be as vindictive, jealous & as big a liar as Mom.

She has an advantage in not speaking in word salad, but if you listen carefully to her interviews she uses word for word what the book says. Happens to have a good memory and has been carefully coached not to wander into any uncovered territory. A few times on the View, she got the deer in the headlights look because they asked an unexpected question. She stumbled through with an awkward answer that didn't make much sense.

I used to feel sorry for her too, but no longer. Yes, she has a psychopath as a Mother, but there must have been plenty of people around her with true values (her aunts?) who she could have learned from. She's an adult and has chosen the crooked dark path. There are plenty of people who have been raised by sociopaths who haven't been influenced to act the same. She has chosen.

07/10/2011 03:00

I feel sorriest for the people who lined up to buy Bristol's book.

07/10/2011 05:36

Thank you, Viola-Alex.. great post..

For Bristol's sake, I am pleased that she seems to be more articulate than her mother,eg, no word salad. She appeared on time, chatting and allowing photos to be taken by people who really do want to see her, deluded as I think they might be.

To that small extent, she felt able to do her own thing.. apart from the rules her Mother had set up.

OT,I'm very curious to understand what the 'word salad' reveals about SarahP's mental wiring.. did she have a learning disability? I tend to think she blanks out mentally under pressure, thus the writing on her hand.

But underlying Bristol's serene exterior, her comments and beliefs about Levi and his role as a future Dad for Tripp.. leave me nearly speechless with annoyance.

On TV, she often delivered her viewpoint about Levi with a lovely smile... which was so at odds with her negative thinking... that I would get an unpleasant rush of cognitive dissonance.

I agree with the poster who said that Bristol is controlled by Sarah..

and Sarah, fears revelations that Levi could make.. it is an easy step from there to understand why Sarah has chosen to vilify Levi.. and unfortunately Bristol has just absorbed that thinking.

Money talks in that family, and Sarah holds the purse strings... I also think that the Palin's are a family with secrets especially regarding Sarah's non pregnancy cover up.

Sometimes I wonder if Sarah's "youngest", Piper, must be kept close to Sarah... so that indoctrination remains in force.. insuring that the Palin family secrets, remain secret.

07/10/2011 06:44

Thank you! I no longer feel any sympathy for Bristol. She has done nothing on this book tour except bite every hand that reached out to help her. I no longer believe her national coming out in ´08 was a horrific episode in her life. It should have been, would have been for most teens, but Bristol is just like her mother. She has abused our misplaced sympathy. And she will continue to abuse people´s misplaced sympathy until it is all dried up - like mine.

Also, too, great report, Viola-Alex, and much appreciated.

07/10/2011 07:21

@Bobcat Logic. You're absolutely right. Bigger fish to fry than a 20 year old trying to erase her past-- as Allie so beautifully explains.

However, I'm a firm believer that if we don't understand the full picture and how things managed to unfold the way they did, we'll fall into the next trap.

If Palin skitters away into obscurity, and we simply say Good Riddance, we'll miss the chance to learn enough NOT to fall for this stuff the next time. Or to let our media get away with encouraging it.

As for Bristol, again, I'll say it. Where are the GrownUPs? Only Joy Behar on the View talked to Bristol as the naive child she is. If everybody treats a child like a princess when in fact she's nothing more than a small town slut who has no role models for growing up responsibly-- guess what?

If I have one regret about the book signing, it was that I didn't write a note to Bristol and slip it to her, which I could have easily done. Telling her the truth anonymously like that, when she would have thought it was a fan letter, might have made a small dent in her act.

07/10/2011 08:24

Thanks, Viola-Alex. No, it's not easy being a reporter! The equipment, the anxiety, the deadlines. LOL! But you did a great job and sweated it out with a fast turn around. You're hired!!

07/10/2011 08:35

Honestyingov, I went through some of the same thoughts re. Bristle's dramatic signature. Unfortunately, what little I know of handwriting analysis used to say that the signature doesnt count and shouldn't really be analyzed as per usual, b/c it is atypical of the person's writing.

As an amateur assessment, though, I would suspect that a girl her age thinks that a cool/stylized signature makes her more like an actual celebrity. makes sense...

07/10/2011 08:44

Everything is so twisted and duplicitous with most of the characters involved with babygate that I don't feel sorry for any of them. However, I do feel sorry for the people who lined up in the store to read a book whose author(s) just wrote/told them what they wanted to hear/read.

07/10/2011 08:55

Hey, Viola-Alex, 1) don't kick yourself for recognizing Bristol's humanity. There are many, many people in Sarah's party who consider most of our fellow citizens as little more than inanimate objects; that's not behavior you want to emulate, is it?

2) Even though the full hoax hasn't been openly exposed YET to the general public, I believe the search serves as a deterrent to others.

3) Comfort yourself that your note to Bristol probably would not have penetrated her armor of denial.

07/10/2011 09:01

VV, your theory might have merit.

Or, maybe she is covering up some body art she doesn't want to share just yet.

07/10/2011 09:20

@Mhurka - You hit the nail on the head. I haven't read Bristol's book yet, but I believe it may be been orchestrated by Sarah to continue and layer the Trig smokescreens. More than one photo of Trig/Tripp with captions like: "Because Tripp and Trig are so close in age, they love playing with each other."

The few sections I've scanned are vicious attacks on Levi and his family. That she would put these things in print for her son to read later is immature and stupid. Again, where were the Grown Ups? And that includes Nancy French, who wrote it.

IMO the book serves two purposes:

--rewrite Bristol's slut history so she can start over, as Allie suggested, without doing the hard work to change.

--remind the Johnstons of Palin power.

lilly lily
07/10/2011 10:55

Signature. LOL.

Her ego. Also why waste effort when you should know WHO I am.

I used to hear that every now and then, "DO you know WHO I AM? from some big fish in a small pond. I would either say "NO" or "It doesn't matter in this office."

You never hear it from truly important people. Only those with overinflated feelings of self importance.

The girl isn't important in and of herself. She is from the Trig, Ruffles mystery angle and nothing else.

I'm afraid once a bitch, always a bitch. That character flaw does not improve with age.

07/10/2011 11:16

I, too, think that Bristol wanting to give "the middle finger to the haters" while on DWTS, and her facebook comments, are more reflective of the actual Bristol. Being nice to her mother's fans (because none of those people are actual teenagers, did you notice?) is just something she has to do. Lots of people come from sucky homes and don't react the way she has. So no, I don't feel sorry for her.

I feel sorry for Tripp, because obviously, nobody in the Palin clan cares enough for him to buy him a stroller that flattens out so he can nap more comfortably. Good for them for letting him still have the pacifier he needs, though. They don't care enough about him to either shut up about Levi or only say nice things about him when Tripp can hear.

I wonder if anyone has done any research on how kids react when their mothers have plastic surgery done? I've never thought of it before, but surely never knowing how your mother is going to look would affect a kid? Because that chin is awful and it's going to need surgical correction.

The signature: Bristol commented that she didn't have "an autograph" yet. So she's trying this signature on for size. I think it's very interesting that one, it looks like Sarah's autograph, and two, she chops off the last syllable of both her names. If I was given to cheap psychology (and I am) I'd say she's all show and no substance, or that she puts up a front that she can't back up, or that she feels like a hollow shell.

07/10/2011 11:19

I had a similar thought about the signature. Girls in middle school often change the style of their handwriting- I remember playing around with those circles over the "i"s for a brief time before I decided it was kind of stupid and took way too much time. At least I didn't use those cute little hearts some of my daughters' friends thought were so clever.

Although I have no more qualification than any of the rest of us strangers to be anlyzing a complete stranger, I have enough experience with teens and pre-teens to think that Bristol is still in many ways stuck in that pre-teen "who am I" angst. Her dysfunctional family has not allowed her to work through those stresses that all growing teens need to figure out.

07/10/2011 12:19

Iftismygame, only your comment FINALLY helped me feel a shred of compassion for this young woman...because I remember being a young girl who once wanted my own 'autograph' to look stylish. (ha ha!)

I had noticed that my father's looks very big and bold...and so very special, because you cant tell what the heck it says, other than maybe the first letter ! So, briefly in middle school, I played with ways to make mine interesting.

Even today, my signature is just totally boring and legible...clearly, I am no celebrity :)

07/10/2011 13:01

Climber - One thing you have to keep in mind is that I am sure Bristol had problems prior to her national stage debut. It may not have been as awful to her (pregnancy stuff) because she had already had to go through stuff with Sarah forever.

She has a huge chip on her shoulder. I hope that the Obama girls are able to keep the hatred spewed against their father out of their lives. I personally believe that the Obama's try very hard to shelter their girls to some degree. They don't use their girls as props which I am sure helps tremendously.

Sarah has pretty much been running for something since her kids were very little. It is very clear that she talks about all the people she hates in front of her kids. I believe that in the first batch of e-mails there was a comment from Sarah to someone else about what Piper said (wasn't it something about Lyda Green [sp?]. Piper had to have been really little to be hearing this crap and already saying what she did. What I mentioned before about one of the older girls ganging up on the woman with Sarah proves that point. She feeds off negativity, drama and feeling like everyone picks on her.

It must be tough to be raised by a woman who craves adoration and at the same time I think she also basks in feeling like she is picked on. It goes with the whole evangelical mentality (not picking on this group but it is something I have personally witnessed many times) that it is GOOD to be not liked if you are furthering the cause. It just proves that if you aren't liked for your biblical viewpoint then you are doing something right. She lives to be a martyr.

Just another screwed up household. After seeing to much of Chuck Heath something tells me he passed on all this crap to Sarah. He is a sicko too.

lilly lily
07/10/2011 14:40

One thing you learn treating every sort of patient from every strata of society, and in importance in the world at large.

You don't charge any more for the pain in the neck, self important, and demanding person than you do for the most agreeable and easygoing soul.

The demanding ones, eat you up alive with outrageous demands, and worse usually have no scruples, They will drag you into the most god awful messes if you allow them a foot in the door. The old camel with its nose under the edge of the tent.

The Palin's have no such scruples or boundries.

They drag everyone into their mess

The new Psychology today has an article on narcissistic men and women.

Look at Sarahs physicians? Need I say more?

07/10/2011 15:00

@DebinOH -- Good Point. Sarah's children were steeped in years of neglect, vitriol, and skewed thinking. In Bristol's book there are many photos of her like a little mom, holding babies, in the kitchen. But now, what does Bristol do? Cart her son around like baggage, just like her mom did.

@Ivyfree - your comment made me smile. When I was a young mom, I cut all my hair off. ALL of it, like Sinead O'Connor. (Remember her?) My 3 yr old daughter cried for a week, and kept saying "Mommy's a boy, Mommy's a boy!"

@itsmyname, sunnyvee@ When B. signed my book, she did it boldly. I was surprised. I thought, this girl has been prac-ti-cing bigtime. She had no idea how farcical the whole silly thing was.

@Lily lily - in the end, you are right. Bristol matters only because of Triggate and her part in the lies. Unless she runs for political office like other famous children!

Cracklin' Charlie
07/10/2011 20:34


Your description of the Bristol reminds me of line from a song by Kenny Chesney.

She signed autographs like she was Garth Brooks in a skirt.

07/11/2011 04:00

I waited a bit to respond to this post becasue I didn't want to sound too much like the hard ass woman I am in regards to the Palins. I think Viola was way more gracious than I could have been. If I had the same opportunity she did, i would have asked point blank "did your mom give birth at Matsu to Tri-G on April 18th because it seems totally impossible oh and by the way Tri-G means retarded .Why did she name him Tri-G?'....just to see her squirm.
Thank dog that they only people she can attract are the lonely walmart shoppers. That gives me hope that more of America has realized what grifting hoaxers these people are. Even if i try to give Bristle the benefit of the doubt, I think back to her wanting to give the big middle finger to all of us on national TV. How delusional is she to think she desrved to stay on DWTS and not realize that the only reason she made it so far was voter scamming on the part of her moms minions.
It takes awhile to break free of a narcissitic mother - it took me 26 years but I am more educated and will say probably smarter than Bristle. She has alot against her. Nature and nurture to start.

07/11/2011 06:43

I feel sad for you. You go to a book signing, so that you can mock Bristol Palin and the people who came to support her? You are pretty much pathetic. Maybe you should enrich your own life, so that you won't feel the need to down others. Bristol is a beautiful, smart girl who doesn't need your misguided advice. She's been doing spectacular in life without it. It sounds like you need to change what you are doing in life, considering you have this pathetic blog I stumbled upon.

lilly lily
07/11/2011 07:13

If Bristol ever goes the political route, and given her mother and how she seems to be following her mothers game plan she well might, Babygate will not die in our lifetimes.

She will be toast before she can begin, even with the best backing she could must.

Bristol is more foolish and even dimmer witted than mama, with the personality of wet toilet tissue stuck to your shoe.

She can parrot words as she does in her interviews, direct lines from her books, after all she read the damn thing aloud.

They continue to have 5 of her books at Borders, with 2 audio tapes.

They aren't moving.

This Borders once had a signing by Paris Hiltons sidekick, I can't even recall her name, oh yes Nicole Ritchie. Tiny, anorexic wrapped in multi scarves around her tiny neck and frame. I happened to be there accidently. Hundreds of milling tweens, very excited, no particular order, though they did line up in front of the author. Twittery, excited group. I could see that Ms. Ritchie was being very gracious. Why not, they were worshippers putting $$$ into her bank account. I neither know nor care to know ANYTHING about Nicole except she had two kids out of marriage, and finally snagged the father. The new role models for America.

I did notice how skinny she was, and that she had large lovely eyes, no more than that. I wasn't a fan, and wasn't buying her novel.

kim chatman
07/12/2011 01:40

Don't feel sorry for Bristol, from personal experience the Palin girls are definitely mean girls, that includes Piper. They were taught well by their mother, and Bristol is of age, and she had the choice to change and hasn't.

07/29/2011 14:17

I really liked your article re: B's book signing. Refreshing to hear it said like it is. Thank you


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