A wonderful Bay Area writer named Heather Haven who is a maven of mystery stories, is doing a series of fun interviews with authors this month. She ran my answers earlier this week and I am delighted to share my Q & A with you on her website HERE. 

Are any of you Russian history or ballet buffs? 

It would be really fun for me to hear your own answers to these questions. 

Give it a whirl and toss us a few tidbits about yourself.

Otherwise, my heartfelt thanks again to Heather for inviting me to participate on her blog. It's always a delight to interact with such a talented writer as Heather.

Take it away, "This and That!"

(This is a better LINK to Finding Clarity!)



01/07/2012 12:10

Heather Haven is a maven;
Laura's book she is a-wavin'.
So it's Clarity
We read with glee
And then to pals we are a-ravin'.

P.s. Didja see the "and then, Laura"? Huh? Didja?

01/07/2012 14:02

I too love the book "Nicholas and Alexandra.” My husband is currently reading it now. As a teenager I thought Rasputin was so exciting! I read it in a Russian history class in high school. I look back now and think what an incredible Bay Area public school I attended during the late 1960s and early ‘70s. My only regret was taking French and not Russian! The teacher who taught the history class also introduced us to Russian poets and every library I visit I check to see if there is a book called “The Bedbug and Selected Poetry” by Vladimir Mayakovsky — my favorite poet of all time.

Keep on writing Laura, you have a lot to say!

Laura Novak
01/07/2012 16:21

Hy, spaceeba, Lisa. That is the age when I fell in love with that story. But it's terrific that your school introduced the topic to you. The Russians love their poetry. I still have my poetry books and notebooks from when I lived in Leningrad (as it was known then.) In fact, I have some Soviet flavor in my novel. I couldn't resist.

01/07/2012 17:34

I am reading your novel and can’t wait for the Soviet flavor. Berkeley still occupies a place in my heart, I miss the bookstores, the food, the music. It drove my parents to distraction keeping us off Telegraph!

01/09/2012 22:28

I love Heather's site! The questions give the reader a glimpse of the writer's craft, interests, and lives. I had to chuckle at the "George Clooney's Oscar Night Date", That would take a lot of talent!
I was fortunate to have traveled to Italy to visit the ruins of my parent's hometown, and spent three months exploring Italy, Spain, Portugal and a few days in Switzerland.
I would love to have lived in Italy, but I doubt I could have lived in post WW2 times. My grandmother was a spitfire. She married an American, had three kids and was widowed at 35. To survive, she housed American troops, raised silkworms, and lived off the land., Because my grandfather was an American, his kids somehow inherited his citizenship, so she got her kids married off and sent them to America. Second marriages were frowned upon, but she had the guts to do it..

This is where they came from, when I visited, they were doing archeological digs - i


My favorite word is "companion" - it's latin derivitive means "with bread"., To me, there's nothing better than breaking bread with friends and family.

Laura Novak
01/10/2012 08:45

Lisa, sorry for the delay in replying. I thought I had though I don't see it here. Thank you SO very much for reading Finding Clarity. I hope you love it all the way through. I just received a wonderful email from a reader in Berkeley who loved it. So I am hoping you will too.

Sherryn, what a wonderful story!!! To be reminded of the hardships that people lived through and with. How they survived and thrived. And I agree: a table with people you care about, good food, and great conversation. No matter how simple the dishes or crowded the leg room, I will remember that word "companion" now. Thank you!

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