It's called me taking a few days off. I'll be back with Tao Te Thursday later this week. But for now, a writer friend sent me this fascinating video and I've watched it about five times. I love it. It reaffirms my belief in evolution. It makes me want to interact with the babies - but keep the Silverback at bay. Enjoy! But in the meantime, Frosty AK has turned me on to reading Dr. Joseph Mercola's natural health newsletter every day. I am hooked! And am dying to discuss it with you all. Happy holiday and be well. I'll be back with more of The Way. And H/T to Dear Frosty!


02/19/2012 20:25

Oh wow! Did you see how he hid his eyes with his arm when the male was close to him. You do not want to stare at a male gorilla, it challenges his dominance. That male could have torn him to shreds on the spot. Amazing video, thanks for posting Laura!

02/19/2012 20:28

I signed up for Dr. Mercola's emails after seeing him on Dr. Oz. I am glad not to have had a root canal (yet). Sometimes Mercola scares me.

02/20/2012 09:53

I get Dr. Mercola's emails also. They can be pretty scary! I think that I have learned a lot from them though. I pay a lot more attention to where my food comes from than I used to, try to buy organic, and get good supplementation. His articles have made me a lot more suspicious of the FDA and the big pharmaceutical companies. Actually, his articles have made me more suspicious of my regular medical care! It gets very difficult and confusing when there is so much conflicting information out there.

02/21/2012 16:13

I too had always feared root canals, but then I needed one and had it done. No pain, not a big deal, nothing v bad afterwards. I marveled at this at dinner a few nights later, to my dear Dad, a retired dentist. He replied that he had explained to me several times that there would be nothing to it. I denied hearing him EVER say that (I would have sworn to this on a stack!). He smiled and said "I told you several times, right here at this very table -- but I could tell you were not listening." And we both laughed.

02/20/2012 12:11

Love the video -- the way the Dad guides the child onto the path (just like humans do), their curiosity re the man. I wonder, though, whether habituation of a wild animal isn't hazardous to the animals' safety, at some future point, humans being so untrustworthy and evil at times. The man's delight was lovely, though.

My first look at Dr Mercola got me to this page
on which he is selling a Vit D spray. SPRAY? Why is this not known to conventional MDs? Please tell me I don't smell a little snake oil here. Not sure I am sold on him.

02/20/2012 23:59

I have been reading Mercola's newsletters for a number of years now. Was referred to his website by a chiropractor. In that time I have NEVER bought a product from him, though many of them look pretty decent.

Sublingual sprays are the cutting edge of delivery for a variety of nutritional supplements now. They are often pricey. I instead use a much less expensive chewable variety of the supplement and dissolve it under my tongue. The sprays often use nanotechnology and I'm not sure what to think of that at this point in time.

That video is great; as long as they realize what a chance they are taking interacting with powerful wild animals in such a manner.

02/21/2012 08:59

Hi Frosty AK -- I am new to the complexities of nutrition, having been very healthy with just regular living and ordinary eating, although I have always loved fruits and vegs. I come to this snake-oil suspicion from my reading about anti-wrinkle stuff: such v convincing ads and text (aimed at eager-to-believe people like moi), but in fact nothing that works any better than natural peels (apirin, etc. -- which works as well for me as retin-A. I once read about an MD who prescribed stuff like Retin A to his patients with strict advice to use it on only HALF of their faces, and he reported that v few people came back for more prescriptions when they could see the results or nonresults for themselves. So I have done the half-face test on everything I use [incl Retinol], and I have to say that my 1 tsp of aspirin/oil/lemon/honey mash facial works better than anything else -- so far.) And the pseudo-science explanations of how the wildly expensive creams work always leave out the crucial info that the molecule that is supposed to help you is way too big to penetrate the skin. Skin is really good at keeping stuff out. (Although trans-dermal patches and sublingual delivery surely works for some things. I do question the need for the extra Vit D, though.) So lots of smoke and mirrors -- nicely scented, though. And really pretty packaging!

Still, I read about the imminent breakthroughs re anti-aging and better health and would love to know the real scoop as it emerges. But separating the wheat from the chaff is hard. I tend to believe medical research and not outlier theories accompanied by products for sale (like the Perricone cosmetics, which I tried, with no special results).

I'll be eager to hear further comments on nutrition that has really made a difference. I have the Ornish book on order.

Previously there was a request for ONE book to start with on plant-based nutrition - narrowing it down to keep it simple, my current recommendation is Forks Over Knives. It's available from internet booksellers for about $8, although the list price is $14. There are various combo deals with the DVD (which I have not yet seen - I'm on the waiting list at the library).

With regard to Dr. Mercola - I'm sure some of what he says is true and valuable. However, there are important ways in which his advice differs from Drs. Esselstyn/Ornish/McDougall, who overlap a great deal. I put more confidence in the latter. McDougall makes a LOT of info available free on the web, including his past newsletters.

Spouse and self continue on our non-meat, non-dairy path. So far so good. Gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms are gone for her.

mistah charley, ph.d.
02/21/2012 09:28

Hi all. Previous comment is from me.

02/21/2012 11:13

Limiting grains and sugar took care of my GERD and plantar fasciitis!

02/21/2012 15:52

In today's L.A. Times, an article re Pauling and his Vitamin C theory, which has been debunked for years but still appeals to some.,0,5545101,full.column

This is what I always wonder about: someone with good credentials who is "sure" beyond doubt that s/he is correct (we got a lot of this re Palin explanations). But certainty on the part of the evangelist is way less convincing than some proof -- i.e., reputable research, and plenty of it.

02/21/2012 16:35

A long time ago Pauling was going to present a seminar where I was doing my grad studies. However, the seminar was cancelled and eventually we learned the reason. He had taken so much vitamin C the day before that he got a heavy diarrhea! They guy was brilliant, he won two Nobel prizes (chemistry and peace), but towards the end of his life he embraced some pseudo-scientific philosophies.

02/21/2012 17:15

How embarrassing for Pauling.

A majorly smart man . . .
-- (who explained the internet to me years before it happened)
-- (I did not believe him)
-- (everything he said came true)
. . . I once knew almost killed himself by overdosing on one of the vitamins in his regular cranked-up dose.

Mercola's views - a few doubted by mistah charley, ph.d.
02/22/2012 05:22

These quotes are from the Wikipedia article on Mercola. Each assertion is one I find doubtful.

"Mercola encourages the ingestion of unprocessed saturated fats, including unrefined coconut oil in place of polyunsaturated fats such as vegetable, corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and canola oils."

"Mercola's website has called microwave ovens dangerous, claiming both that they emit dangerous radiation and that microwaving food alters its chemistry. In contrast, academic reviews have concluded that 'no significant nutritional differences exist between foods prepared by conventional and microwave methods.'"

"Mercola has questioned whether HIV is the cause of AIDS. He has argued instead that the manifestations of AIDS (including opportunistic infections and death) may be the result of 'psychological stress' brought on by the belief that HIV is harmful. has featured positive presentations of the claims of AIDS denialists, a fringe group which denies the existence of AIDS and/or the role of HIV in causing it."

"Mercola [favors]... elimination of most...grains from our diet." [Some people have grain allergies - most don't. - mc]

a clarification on fat ingestion
02/22/2012 05:29

The group of nutritionally-oriented clinicians and researchers I am reading in do not FAVOR the use of polyunsaturated vegetable oils - they favor non-use of extracted fats - "even olive oil" as McDougall says - while recognizing that not everyone is willing to follow this guideline. In the course of our tradition to plant-based nutrition, missus charley and I are still using the "Smart Balance" buttery spread we have on hand (I would buy the large tubs) and sauteing the mushrooms in a bit of canola or olive oil.

Laura Novak
02/22/2012 19:18

Thanks, everyone, for a great discussion. I am intrigued by Dr. Mercola's writing and his attitude toward many of these issues. However, it seems moderation might be in order. I mean having fillings taken out? I don't think so. But I have not had a bite of pasta in about two weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in how I feel. And I've cut down on my cow's milk and supplemented with almond and soy milk. Interesting that this seems to be an improvement as well. No grains though? Hmmm, not sure about that one. Well, there is more to read and absorb from all of his work. And there is always that question about someone selling their own supplements. I can see that all the B12s on the pharmacy shelf are all the same element. He offers the methyl....element instead. I'm going to ask an MD I know what he makes of it. The Mayo Clinic supports the idea of the typically used one (cobalamin?) At any rate, a new Tao going up tomorrow morning. Thanks again, Frosty AK, for turning me on to this fascinating website and daily email!

Sharon Lee
02/27/2012 14:45

Ottoline, what does your dad think about root canals being long-term dangerous? I had one years ago, & don't recall much pain, but
Dr. Mecola says the effects can be a couple of decades building up.

03/24/2012 19:40

Sorry Sharon Lee -- I lost track of this thread. My father died recently, but I discussed root canals and dentistry with him a lot. Root canals are the best thing you can do, when you need one, short of not needing one. Yes things can go wrong, but there is sooo much more risk if you don't do the right thing. He laughed at the anti-mercury-filling people.

My root canal went bad, but not because of the procedure -- because the tooth cracked. It was an odd shape, just made for cracking. And I should have been more gentle with my biting. It's inevitable that our teeth start to fall apart as we get v old -- they were not meant to last that long. I think De Mercola has some opinions that are not substantiated by medicine as we know it.

07/17/2012 05:02

Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

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