Lord, I love a good scandal. I love the juicy bits of news and misinformation almost as much as I love deep dish pizza. I like it even better when it's people I either don't know or don't like much.

In this case - and no, you may not ask me which case - the hits keep on happening.

The drivers license of the most sought after woman in the country is found in a park in D.C. You mean Paula Broadwell was running right under the media's noses? 

And the woman from Tampa! Does everyone keep a canary yellow shift in their closet for just that moment when they need to be photographed getting into their silver mercedes? Or how about the pink dress and lame shoes for the photo op after she'd hired Monica Lewinsky's media expert?

Can you stand it? Two scrawny, sagging old generals (I don't hear anyone talking about their physical attributes, do you?) sending emails and getting it on under desks. Cuckolded husbands, both of whom are doctors. Bankruptcy. Child custody battles and letters from generals who also find time to write 40 emails a day to married women who favor magenta. 

Has anyone else noticed a striking resemblance between the two women? And how many moms really have time to "embed" themselves half way across the world with two small kids at home? 

And how come my arms don't look like that?

Funny, it all reminds me a bit of a woman I knew back in the day in a network newsroom in New York City. While we were all ordering in pizza or Chinese food nightly, she was waltzing out to dinner at Cafe Des Artistes with her much, much, much older man friend - a man who happened to be married with children. We all wondered how we'd pay the rent while she sported a full length mink. She had no shame. None at all.

Fast forward to the modern age and a national scandal that featured her front and center. It didn't surprise me at all. If I had to name, way back when, the one person in my midst who'd be named most likely to pump their narcissistic tank with really negative national media attention, it would have been her. These women don't suddenly come into their own reflection. They've been staring at it and practicing for their big moment for years. 

Now how exactly did Ms. All In lose her license while running? Paging Dr. Freud. 



11/14/2012 12:35

Daily Mail has a lot of stuff on the soap opera aspects of this - see, for example,


Laura Novak
11/14/2012 14:43

The UK Daily Mail is my go-to source. I LOVE their site, no matter how badly edited, poorly written, or confusingly organized their information is.

Still, I want to know who wears silver lame shoes during the day?

11/14/2012 15:26

I too wonder why my arms don’t look like that despite swimming every fricken day! What is it with these people? Your comments are just hysterical Laura!

Laura Novak
11/14/2012 16:20

I feel your pain Jenny, I really do. I swim too and my arms, like the rest of me, just get bigger and bigger. Go figure!

11/14/2012 16:59

I also love a good juicy scandal- and this one is a doozy!

sharon hughes
11/15/2012 04:49

You're too funny Laura! Love your comments on this scandal.

After watching the newsclip of ms jill wearing the pink and then the yellow dreses, I knew she was enjoying the notoriety every second her name was mentioned which was thousands of times.

These 2 women offend me beyond words. The actions of the 2 generals turn my stomach.

I still believe ms jill is part of a prostitution ring - I know that sounds kind of dramatic but everything I've heard about her so far indicates it's not so crazy.

11/18/2012 12:35

Re "offend me beyond words"

Plus urinating on the Koran, and wiping out villages wholesale, and people (both sides) being mutilated and PTSD's, and scandals like this, whose details will eventually emerge: This is all ho-hum and par for the course in war. Not surprising. I can't think of a war that has proceeded without it. Just the facts of life in war, with all the aberrations and entitlements it creates.. If you don't like it, don't have a war.

(I realize that if the bloggers here were to rule the world, we would stop the U.S. wars immed.)

11/15/2012 09:13

One of my favorite lines I read regarding the women was that Broadwell ran with men, but Kelley is a woman men run after. haha

What sickens me is the notion of leadership. That men considered "leaders"-- particularly the Afghan General guy-- have time for such low-level, dickbrained hankypanky AND that they show such disregard for discretion. In my day, men knew how to pick the discreet lovers. (another haha)

A navy veteran friend used to subscribe to Navy Times. He cancelled the subscription because he couldn't stand the growing list of officers and enlisted men relieved of command posts and held for disciplinary procedures. He sent me one of the lists. There were at least 100 names on it. Every week, he says, the list is new and long.

I asked him if this is the way it always was and now the news gets out more. He said, in his opinion, no. There is no pride of leadership in the military any more. There are no more standards of conduct. That even when they were killing people, there were standards and codes of conduct, he said. I don't know.

Laura Novak
11/15/2012 11:00

Sharon, I hadn't thought of that, but I believe that anything is possible in this crazy, still unfolding story. What I wonder is what goes on in the teeny brains of women who flaunt every aspect of their being, knowing full well that there are millions of dollars of bankruptcy filings against them. Me? I'd lay really low and wear the same jeans day in and day out. Maybe I can get my "shrink wrap" psychologist to weigh in on this. I'd love to learn what these fools are thinking.

V-A, that is a sad story. But it doesn't surprise me. Moral fiber is absent everywhere to varying degrees. I too am disgusted with these two old fools. Were they not too busy to be doing this tom foolery? Was PB so hot that Petrayal actually gave her classified documents? Why do some people have boundaries and limits and others cross the line so easily? I guess in the end I feel bad for the husbands, but it's the small children I really ache for. Shame on their mothers.

11/15/2012 13:46

See Tom Junod's thought-provoking article "The Real Petraeus Scandal - the CIA Killing Machine"


Laura Novak
11/15/2012 16:51

Thanks, MC. Chilling to say the least. The power went to his head in more ways than one. Here's a link to a Boston Globe article on PB. Now where have I heard of people fudging academic credentials before? http://www.boston.com/news/nation/2012/11/14/paula-broadwell-switched-her-phd-bid-from-harvard-british-college/u0uOkzdrm7q6x0leL2DyCM/story.html

11/15/2012 19:17

Elizabeth Edwards was once asked why this happens to men in positions of power. She said that many women are attracted to power and some women literally fling themselves at these men who are also often under great stress and away from home for long periods of time. For some reason it seems said men have a hard time saying "no."

11/16/2012 12:38

Wow, if you haven't lately, head on over to the: http://theobamadiary.com and check out the graphic used to illustrate the words about McCain. My oh my, the White House sure is digging in this time around!

11/16/2012 13:52

well, yeah! thanks Laura for directing me there. gloves off a little? I've been thinking the exact same thing since I heard McCain's remark. Has the man lost it?

11/16/2012 18:18

Laura, I am dieing to know the woman you are referring to (the one with the mink from 'back in the day'. Can you give us a hint?

11/18/2012 10:17

Progressive blogs and news services have been referring to the male in the situation as Gen Betrayus for a number of years. Haliburton, anyone? Seems like that information has just becoming more mainstream.

As for the women? Way too many females depend on a 'successful' man to open the business/political doors for them. In other words, USE then to get ahead. Then cannot believe that the man might ever dump them for something shinier and more glittery.

There is much more to the scandal than just an unfaithful man and an easy woman/women.

11/18/2012 12:03

But what, specifically, is the "more to this"?

-- Earlier, I thought it was connecting the funding of the bad movie to the protests that morphed into the terrorist actions. I see no corroboration for this emerging (and it is my fave pet theory).

-- A loosely organized (but organized nevertheless) network connecting the Middle East bad guys to U.S. generals and corporate execs, for mutual profit at the expense of OUR blood and treasure. Like the failed $80M deal that Jill tried to cut. Could be for oil, weapons, or any other kind of war profiteering,

-- Another of my pet theories was that Paula did not send the threatening emails, was framed (via the emails and via the classified docs that could have been planted on her computer and in her home) in order to expose the affair, for either jealousy or other bigger reasons.

-- Just the reverse of the previous item. That Paula was an agent sent in to sleep with and then expose Petraeus.

-- Or it could be just that Middle East big spenders finance these ostentatious parties, perhaps including sexual services. I read that there are many more such hostesses than just our Jill.

Stuff that I earlier thought might be part of a plan now looks more like typical GOP blundering. Or perhaps the blundering is supposed to hide the actual agenda(s).

I think we may never know, as protections for the guilty are surely being put into place.

(Laura: at least tell us which scandal the mink coat woman was later involved with?)

Laura Novak
11/18/2012 13:42

I was talking to a man from London recently. He said they were all talking about it there and were shocked. But then our conversation side tracked to their own pedophile/BBC slander scandal. What a mess.

You know, I think I'll keep mum, so to British speak, about the gal in the mink coat. Unless I can find a convenient link about the story. You were all aware of it. No need for me to drag her name through the mud further. New post going up in the meantime.

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