...because sometimes when you are at a crossroads, you have to just get up and dance. Preferably at a train station with some cool music and really talented people nearby. I've got some other things going on for a few days, so shake loose with this number from one of my favorite Bollywood movies.


12/13/2012 21:57

I LOVE THIS. So tell me more. Is there a movie? Who's this hot guy singing. Is he the tallest man in India? I'm in love.

Laura Novak
12/14/2012 10:26

V-A, the name of the movie is across the top: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and it's what he's singing. You can hear it if you listen. This man, the pirate, is actually the deux ex machina of this movie. The leading man is very tall and very handsome. I actually own this movie. The dance numbers are to die for. And of course after boy gets girl and then loses girl, he then gets her again!

Laura Novak
12/14/2012 13:28

When I posted this, I had been listening to Ravi Shankar's music. The videos weren't so dynamic, so I chose this one instead. Now, it feels all wrong in the wake of this Newtown massacre. Or do we need to let our minds swirl sometimes because reality is so awful and overwhelming?

12/14/2012 19:15

Will **THIS** be the hideous event that gets us moving toward gun control? i guess we've already asked that at too many other similar disasters.

12/15/2012 11:12

See? What did I tell you: we've forgotten all about the nurse who was in such pain that she killed herself. And to answer my own question above, No, I don't think we will act to establish gun control this time. It will take at least a few more kindergartens, or theaters, or malls, many deaths of innocent children and fine adults at each event, while we continue to cave to the bullying of NRA protecting their toys. Not freedoms: toys that they like to play with, and leave strewn about so disturbed or evil people can play too.

12/14/2012 20:09

I've been making sparkleballs today. In a stunned, numb state. But what else makes sense? Drinking? Praying? Curling up in a fetal state under 3 feather comforters? I texted my grown children just to get replies because I couldn't get hugs.This video is just fine, Laura.

12/15/2012 13:53

To me, Jhoom and sparkleballs seem like the only sensible thing for now.

Laura Novak
12/15/2012 17:08

I know, still stunned and numb here. And everywhere I imagine. Every time I refresh the online newspapers, the news just gets worse. I am ashamed to say that I don't remember every shooter's name. But Newtown I will remember like 9/11. I just will. It's horrific beyond belief. And not to negate the loss or memory of those who died in other shootings. The innocence here. And now the number of times he mutilated their bodies. It's too much to bear. Post here as you wish. Community is important in these horrible times. Peace to you all.

12/16/2012 10:50

Thanks for posting that clip, Laura - it definitely cheered up my day a bit. I've never really resonated with Bollywood music, but I absolutely love this. I'm ordering the CD.

V-A: I'm turned on, too.

Laura Novak
12/16/2012 14:52

Glad you like it, Crow. It still doesn't feel right. But everyone else is covering the sadness. Perhaps a reminder to dance in whatever moment we have is appropriate too. It's all so very, very sad.

12/18/2012 11:19

As a former teacher, I can say I am immensely proud of those brave souls who put their lives on the line to protect the innocent children. There were few in my experience that would not have done the same.

Maybe now dialogue will open up - about banning sales of assault weapons, about the everyday heroic teachers who have been so vilified by the GOP, and about the broken mental health system (thanks Ronny Reagan) in this country. For a country considered the leader of the world, we are very broken.

Will the 'leaders' of the country now put their efforts into repairing the mess? Instead of bickering about vaginas, who can marry whom, and their idiotic wars?

Give peace a chance...

12/18/2012 11:57

Well put, Frosty. I'm going to use that line: instead of legislating our vaginas, how 'bout we protect children?

Screaming flu here. Down for the count. Feel free to post here as it moves you.

12/18/2012 14:22

Laura: did you have a flu shot?

12/18/2012 22:13

The Westboro Baptist Church, the hateful group who protest at funerals has been turned back from their protest at the CT funerals. - by Anonymous, the hacksters that may prove to be our best friends going into the future.

There is a petition at Whitehous.gov. to legally brand that 'church' as a hate group.

Hopefully some of the people here will sign said petition:


Jules R
01/17/2013 19:26

You know when you stumble upon something and it puts a lot in perspective. It illuminates just how hypocritical and nasty people can be and how hard they try to show themselves as the opposite?

What I just described is the epitome of this girl.


03/01/2013 10:52

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