As the mother of a sax player, I can tell you that this piece, in all its forms, always gives me goosebumps: to watch my son play it as a young boy. To hear the master play it here. Brubeck's life sounded lovely. The gifts he gave us surely were. From California-born East Bay boy to Manhattan hepcat. Gentleman to the end. Enjoy


12/06/2012 17:53

Thank you. Genius comes in many different packages. His music gets right into my soul.

12/06/2012 20:27

Isn't that Paul Desmond on the sax and Brubeck on piano?

Laura Novak
12/07/2012 12:10

Yes, Pogo. Now I see how unclear I was. My son could only play it on sax, not piano. I didn't write that very well, did I? Thanks for pointing it out. Not worth rewriting though.

03/13/2013 03:21

Thanks, you helped me a lot, the information for me was very helpful

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