Sponge Sarah Square Pillow, or How ‘Tight Abs’ Palin  Made Christina Aguilera Look Chubby, by Prof. Brad Scharlott

Sponge Sarah Square Pillow.  There is no other name for it. But is there an explanation?

LN:  What a composite, Brad Scharlott. But, please, MAKE.IT.STOP! I don’t mean to shout. But my head hurts from looking at this freeze-frame (the lower one above) of Mrs. Palin’s mid-section circa April 2008. 

BS:  What we are looking at is a screen capture from one of the famous Elan Frank video scenes shot April 7-8 in 2008, when Palin was supposed to be about eight months pregnant – about 10 days before she reportedly gave birth. For those who have seen it, this is the point in the video where Sarah thumps her stomach while making some strange comments (which we’ll get to shortly) about her tight abs helping hide her pregnancy.

I have no idea who deserves credit for first brightening this segment of the video, but for at least a few years folks have known that if you lighten a screen grab from this part, what you see looks remarkably like a square pillow where Sarah’s stomach should be. (Andrew Sullivan recently ran essentially the same picture in his blog.)

I thought it might be helpful to see another very pregnant belly for comparison, so here is Christina Aguilera at about seven and a half months pregnant:

Now let’s juxtapose the bellies: 
Of course this is not a fair comparison, because Aguilera was 27 years old and in her first pregnancy, whereas Palin would have been in her forties with her fifth full-term baby, so of course you would expect Chistina to have a smaller … um … it seems Christina has a bigger … hmm … how tight are Sarah’s abs, anyway?

LN:  But you’re also talking different angles, fabric versus skin. Sitting versus standing.

BS: I did look for picture of an eight-month pregnant woman sitting like Palin, but not many are to be found. The standing versus sitting actually helps make my point – the belly of a pregnant woman will bunch up more when she is sitting than when she is standing, yet here we see the standing Aguilera with a bigger belly than the sitting Palin. Likewise, the lack of material around Aguilera’s belly should make it seem smaller versus Palin’s, which is clothed.

As to the angle, the side view of Aguilera’s belly gives us a sense of the typical roundness of a very pregnant woman’s stomach. We don’t have that same angle with Palin, but two things let us know that her belly is more flat than round. First, the position of her hands, which we can see are nearly flat as they slap against the belly. And, second, the pattern of light being reflected off the material covering the stomach. I uniformly lightened the picture – I did not move any pixels nor did I give isolated areas special treatment. So the relative flatness you perceive in the stomach area is an accurate depiction of reality – her belly really does look more like a first-base bag than a basketball.

LN:  But let’s be honest: Couldn’t Palin’s appearance easily be explained by the way the black shirt folded under her bust and under her belly?

BS:  Well, Laura, perhaps you should watch the video here: ‪Elan Frank Interviews Sarah Palin-April 2008 part 1. (Go to about 0:27 for the belly thump.) As you can see, the camera pans up and down from her face to her midsection, and you can see the black shirt is hugging her body – there are no odd folds creating an illusion.

LN: The shadows on the sides. They can be shadows, right? Not necessarily the contours of a SQUARE PILLOW! I’m sorry. I’m shouting again.

BS:  Well, actually, Frank was using professional lighting equipment to ensure there would be no distracting shadows.

Sadly for me, I’ve never experienced a pregnancy up close and personal. My wife and I have adopted two children, but we have not had children biologically. So I have no good sense of what shape an eight-month pregnant lady’s belly may take. But I sense you are not comfortable with the square pillow shape. Why is that?

LN: Because I simply do not want to believe that this woman – any woman – shoved a square pillow under her shirt. I do not want to believe anyone could so smugly mug for the camera and thump a pillow. It’s abnormal beyond reason. It would be insane.

BS: Well, as I mentioned, Sarah says some odd things when talking to Frank – let’s have a look at a transcription:

[Sarah talking as she thumps her belly] “I feel great! It’s been extraordinarily comfortable and easy this pregnancy. In fact, I did not tell anyone I was pregnant until last month, and I hid it till last month, and then … didn’t even purposely really try to hide it, just, ah, my abs were tight, and I could hide it [laughs] – till this month, there was no way …” [video segment ends here]

Sarah seems here not entirely sure what story she wants to tell: Was she hiding the pregnancy? She kind of says yes, then kind of says no, then points to her tight abs.

LN:  I agree. The conflict is there. Her ambivalence has been critical to the story. It’s been the reason she hid the pregnancy, according to her. But it also alludes to not really being sure what her narrative was. Or maybe it was an indication that she didn’t know the story herself until the baby would have been seven months along. Kind of like a child who makes up the story as they go.

BS:  Again, I am not an expert on pregnancy, but it seems to me that a woman with tight abs would show a pregnancy sooner, not later, than other women, because there would be so little fat to camouflage the baby bump. What’s your take on that, Laura? Can tight abs, perhaps, squash a fetus into a smaller size and thus hide it?

LN: First of all, or rather, finally, let’s debunk Mrs. Palin’s tight abs theory. I was so lean and buff when I was pregnant, you could bounce a dime off my ass. I was fit, ten years younger than she was, and it was my first pregnancy. And my belly was showing before 4 months. So abdominal muscles are a moot point. But she has had a good way of deflecting points for 2.5 years. Rhetorical mention of DNA, stretch marks, and tight abs are a method of deflection. They make the interviewer laugh nervously and look away.

BS: And men reporters, especially, I imagine, have been willing to let her play the “mommy parts” card – they have shied away from asking about leaking fluids and breast-feeding, and have avoided confronting Palin about the shape of her body during her purported last pregnancy.

For what it’s worth, Palin’s abs have seemingly gotten tighter over the years. Here is a photo of Sarah (on the right) in what has been widely reported as her first pregnancy:

BS:  So maybe Palin can produce an exercise video for forty-something moms expecting another child who would like to hide their pregnancies until the third trimester. It might be called “Abs of Steel: Is that a Baby in Your Pillow?”

LN:  Thank you again, Prof. Brad Scharlott, photography expert and close follower of this story. I really appreciate your time. Up next, our “resident” neonatologist has some analysis for us that is sure to make some people thump their heads. 



05/16/2011 13:18

For all the years I've been reading about Babygate, when this video and these images appeared, they disturbed me the most. The way she slapped her belly, and the sound it made. That is not a natural sound. I don't know what she had in there, but I really don't think it was a pillow. It was something else.

Maybe she gave birth to an alien, and Trig is the cover story...?

05/16/2011 13:21

Who thumps their pregnant belly like that? Also, the business about hiding/not hiding the bump really sets off alarm bells.

mistah charley, ph.d.
05/16/2011 13:43

"It’s abnormal beyond reason. It would be insane."

I think so also, too.

Bobcat Logic
05/16/2011 13:44

What rang the alarm for me was that no one suspected Palin was pregnant, nor did she announce it, until the moment it became certain that McCain was to be the GOP nominee (and would be needing Sarah to shore up the base.)

Palin announced her "pregnancy" on Wednesday March 5, 2008, as reported by Wesley Loy, in a March 6, 2008, ADN article.

In the article, Loy wrote the following:

"That the pregnancy was so advanced astonished all who heard the news... The governor, a runner who's always been trim, simply doesn't look pregnant...people just couldn't believe the news."

Bobcat Logic
05/16/2011 13:47

I've also wondered why on earth an Israeli film-maker would have chosen Sarah Palin to interview at that particular time.

05/16/2011 13:51

didn’t even purposely really try to hide it....

but of course she did
the scarves and huge jackets were to cover something!

05/16/2011 13:54

The video is disturbing. The slow speech, the flirty eyes, swaying back and forth, quite the performance or she was just stoned!

05/16/2011 13:55

Pregnant bellies are taut, so the squishy thing is wrong on that pillow. And pregnant bellies rise from the pubic bone, they don't fold over when sitting!

05/16/2011 14:19

Another fascinating discussion. I, too, have wondered if the jacket created a shadow and appreciated the question and answer.

I agree with Sunshine that the pat sound is baffling. It made me crazy enough to try to recreate it -- a challenging and painful exercise. It was impossible for me to get the sound over clothing and I only came close with quick, very hard smacks on my cheeks (face). It would be interesting if someone knows how to capture the sound on audio, looping it a few times.

For your viewing pleasure and comparison fun, here's Kate Hudson sitting for interviews on David Letterman and on the Today Show, April 27 '11. She hasn't disclosed her due date but told Matt Lauer she was in the 3rd trimester. The pregnancy was first announced around Jan. 12. She's so obviously uncomfortable during the Letterman interview, sitting back and keeping her ribcage elevated most of the time. Matt Lauer noted that she waddled when she walked into the studio. Of course, Super Sarah can carry a pregnancy without it having any noticeable impact on her movement.




05/16/2011 14:24

Laura & Brad keep up the good work and snark "How tight are Sarah's abs anyway"? LOL!
I've been tweeting this out as:

#spongeSquarePillow or the Birth of #TriGPalin :) #BabyGAte #Tcot #FreeRepublic http://yoono.com/kObpr9M

05/16/2011 14:38

I'll take responsibility for at least one lightened photo of the square jelly baby that Ms. Palin slaps in the video:


My YouTube account is JaneDoex911, where the "Elan Frank Interviews Sarah Palin-April 2008 part 1" video was first posted. Maybe once I retire (not too long from now) I'll get better at making video!

05/16/2011 14:42

The "pillow" has an inverted U shape across the top and is straight across the bottom. It looks exactly like a chair pad for a dinette chair. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that photo. A pillow never occurred to me. (Maybe because my hobby is art crafts and I'm into visuals?)

05/16/2011 14:54

Just another puzzling aspect to this stranger than strange story. It's funny but I never really notice pregnant women anymore (when I was pregnant it seemed like everyone was pregnant) but I was watching Sarah Richardson from HGTV and she is pretty pregnant in her new series. The one thing you notice about her is that her stomach is SO round.

At the art museum a couple of weeks ago there was a girl who was very small and her stomach was as round and taught as could be too.

Maybe in Alaska people just don't have round stomachs when pregnant? They have square babies and wait hours before ever going to a hospital.

Brad & Laura - Did you guys check out the video of her walking in her high heels during the one interview when she was about 6 months pregnant? I am sure it is at Palingates or Audrey's site. Another bizarre occurrence? She sure didn't look pregnant then and walked faster than all get-out outside during part of the filming.

05/16/2011 14:55


With strings attached.:)

05/16/2011 15:04

That "square pillow" first-base bag picture always reminds me of a chair cushion: http://www.amazon.com/Brentwood-Trieste-Chenille-2-Inch-Chairpad/dp/B0037HQ1L0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1305583007&sr=8-3

05/16/2011 15:18

As Seen on TV!

For a limited time...

“The Sarah Palin Pregnancy Pillow”
It’s “Extraordinarily Comfortable”

But wait, there is more, if you act now you can get 2 Sarah Palin Pregnancy pillows, one for you and one for your daughter.
Just add for shipping and handling.
And the first 100 callers get a free “SLAP CHOP” it slices and dices the truth into little pieces.

05/16/2011 15:36

Yes I've also been tweeting it out by adding:

SpongeSarah SquarePillow to the Tweet link above.

We need to get it into the lexicon:

SpongeSarah SquarePillow

05/16/2011 16:26

Thanks for this post. The Elan Frank video needs to be shown in the mainstream. If it could be, the general public will see how delusional and crazy Palin is. First of all, tight abs are a physiologic impossibility. That is a biological medical fact. She sounds delusional with this statement. I also think she was either impaired with drugs during this interview or it is an alternate personality. She was slurring, batting her eyes, flirting, I really do not know who or what she was ......totally bizarre. Then the obvious square pillow... I also think it is chair cushion. This is the defacto piece of video that just sums up the craziness of this woman. Tight abs?? Please get some ob/gyns to speak to this ridiculous statement.

05/16/2011 17:06

As an early Audrey reader, I'm delighted to have another new blog to chase down Palin and her Birth Fraud. Great work, Ms. Novak! So few people believed that Palin would fake a pregnancy in 2008 because she seemed almost normal back then. But three years later, after all the shenanigans, word salad, reality shows, and quitting-- I believe the time has finally come. It's easy for almost anyone to believe Palin capable of anything now, even stuffing a pillow in her panties and calling it Trig. Thanks for all your hammering!

Cracklin' Charlie
05/16/2011 17:07

Seat cushion from a bass boat?

05/16/2011 17:12

It was the pillow/chairpad thumping that did it for me in that video. No expectant mother thumps her "baby" that way. She strokes it or rubs it very gently, usually while being kicked by the baby. No thumping!

05/16/2011 17:17

Cracklin' Charlie,
Reminds me of Dan Akroyd and the Bass-o-matic or possibly the Big Mouth Billy Bass.
Either way Palin is as irritating as a late night cable TV commercial, she just has less class.

05/16/2011 17:22

Very funny, Palintologist! And thank YOU to Ennalogic for creating this photo!! Yours is a great site worth visiting:


Gryphen has referenced a trail of the photo. Thank you, Gryphen, for including this post in your feed:


05/16/2011 17:53

Hi Brad & Laura! I made this xtranormal video several months ago, but it fits with the current subject of Sponge Sarah Square Pillow:

"Sarah Palin breaking Pillowgate in her own words"


05/16/2011 18:02

I love the reference to "first-base bag", because it sounds more like a plastic covered object Sarah is thumping upon instead of a pillow.

Brad Scharlott
05/16/2011 18:13

ProChoiceGrandma, that's a hilarious creation at http://tinyurl.com/6acrmoy - everyone should go view it.

05/16/2011 18:18

She "hid" but "not purposely" a pregnancy, for what possible reason? This is a grown marrried woman with four kids who need time to prepare wraping their minds around a special needs child.
That's not the surprise kids adjust to easily. No mother of a special needs child acts this way. No mother acts this way.
Miss you Audrey and Bree! When this finally breaks, we'll raise our glasses and toast you both, along with all the other pioneers out there.

05/16/2011 18:58

Thanks Brad, I really think using Sarah's own words is often more comical than anything, as SNL proved with the skit of Sarah being interviewed by Katie.

05/16/2011 19:04

Great job!

I think screechy thumping on her tummy sounds like a rubber water bottle or maybe a silicone filled pouch of some sort.

05/16/2011 19:24

We can talk about Sarah's fake pregnancy until the cows come home. Since most of us know she faked it, why not start analyzing Bristol's supposed second pregnancy? This Elan Frank video doesn't compare with the video of Bristol taken by KTUU on Dec. 15, 2008, of the family walking into the church/school.

Bristol was supposedly 8-1/2 months pregnant with 7 pound 12 ounce Tripp. She was about 10 feet behind Todd when she turned her head left and spotted the camera. She took off in the ice and snow, practically running, with her hands in her pockets pushing her jacket out, and ran ahead of everybody into the building. Not a waddle, folks. Not a waddle.

Personally, I think most bloggers know Bristol wasn't pregnant during the RNC. They want to prove Sarah faked a pregnancy but keep alive the "two baby" theory that justifies Tripp's existence.
That crazy story that Bristol had a preemie in Jan. or Feb., 2008, and was kept in an NICU until presented. There is absolutely no evidence of that. None.

Also, since both Trig and Tripp are receiving PFD checks, they would have to show birth certificates. Of course, Debrah Bitney, Sarah's buddy, runs that department in Alaska. Still, because of corruption there, I think they have them. With Trig, there was the birth of a baby and the information sent in to the "Bureau of Vital Statistics."
With Tripp, someone qualified, could have sent the information to the bureau without a baby being born.

Go to Palin's Deceptions and read the "Cornerstone" posts. Watch the Michael Carey video. And that video of Bristol with Tripp...knocked out cold...on the GMA show. Why was he drugged like that? I'd say he hadn't seen Bristol since the GVS show in Feb. and didn't want to sit in her lap. That's why.


Cracklin' Charlie
05/16/2011 19:46

I read yet another $arah Palin article today that included an interview with her father-in-law. In the article, the writer talked about all the boats, trucks, machinery, toys and other flotsam that was parked around the Palin compound. I think someone should head over there and see if any of the boats are missing any cushions!

05/16/2011 19:55

I think the quitter is wearing an empathy belly - the kind that you fill with water, not the kind made of foam. explains the thumping noise that you wouldn't hear if it was just a cushion.

I suspect it looks square because it is not filled all the way and she is sitting.

Ms. Empathy Belly
05/16/2011 20:15

If it's not a pillow, I think Sarah went for the "cheap" empathy belly.

Check out this website, where it compares the empathy belly they are selling with a cheaper "inferior" belly from a competitor.

According to the site, their belly is "Soft, pliable, vinyl bladder creates the most accurate, soft and realistic pregnant abdomen" while the competitor's inferior product is an "Overly rigid vinyl bladder causes stiff, angular, unrealistic pregnant abdomen."

Stiff, unrealistic pregnant abdomen? Ringing any bells? Or maybe she just did go for the pillow.

05/16/2011 21:10

To say nothing of how desperately she was flirting with Frank the whole time: she was practically panting at him… the open mouth, the languorous eyes. Yech.

I can see, though, how a guy wouldn't wanna be noticing her belly.

However, if you look elsewhere in the Frank footage, you will see a shot where Palin is in her kitchen, standing by the sink, with a yellow/multicolored scarf. Frank does a slow vertical pan across her flat belly. It's pretty definitely non-pregnant looking. I'm sorry I did not write down a time-stamp for it during my research.

Because of the nature of video, the quality of the screen grabs doesn't really capture as much info as do the clips. I'm sure Frank has TONS of evidence in his archives: these are just what FOX allowed to air, and there are many could-be-more-incriminating shots that are cut short: for example, if she gets up from behind a desk, they'll cut right at that point.

It's pretty clear they all have known what's going on: Greta and the whole lot of them at FOX.

It's nauseating.

05/16/2011 21:17

For those newly following this saga, I have put a lot of the Babygate evidence (stills, video, and audio) all in one place in these presentations:

(1 of 2) The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; proof Sarah faked her pregnancy

(2 of 2) The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; proof Sarah faked her pregnancy

The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; Chapter 2. The Wild Ride.


05/16/2011 21:20

voiceinwind, yes, water or silicone is what I thought, too, for the sound.

It really could be just a rubber hot water bottle. We all know Sarah is cheap.

05/16/2011 21:24

"it would be insane"

I'm not sure if I got the link here, but I recently was directed to a blog called "Narcissists Suck".

The "Reddest Red flag" is when the person does something so bizarre that you really think you must be dreaming:


"The reddest red flag is perverted behavior. Leave out the sexual connotation: I use that word perverted because it means "thoroughly twisted" or "turned backwards." Any act can be perverted. Perverted behavior is the extreme opposite of what is called for. This is behavior that goes against nature, behavior that makes you want to pinch yourself. In other words, it's a surprise, a shock, the last thing you expected."
"Behaviors that make you feel like you just stepped into The Twilight Zone and need to pinch yourself.

It's always a sign that a person is dangerous in some way."

05/16/2011 23:02

I've followed every word ever written about this, but one angle I never saw brought up before is how her hands look as she's slapping her "belly". They ARE flat. I just tested that theory by asking my husband to slap his belly. Hands were curved. Either he's pregnant, or the case is closed. Keep up the good work. I think I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that Sarah's head exploding?

05/16/2011 23:14

talk about tight abs. Olympic soccer star Mia Hamm was bigger at 6 mos. than Palin at 8. A WNBA player did a sports magazine cover shoot at 7 or 8 months. Also bigger than Palin at 8 mos.

Amazing a woman can be in such great shape that her abs are tighter than those of multiple professional athletes, but still needs compression stocking when she wears shorts on a magazine cover.

05/17/2011 00:05

In parts of the Elan video, SP is wearing a long dark jacket with large lapels and a bright scarf. I'm pretty sure she is wearing this same outfit in an Aug 2008 Fairbanks news video. To my eye, the scarf hangs the same way in both videos. Maybe somebody here more video-savvy might have ideas for a comparison.

The video was taken at a bridge dedication. Video:

Links here (same vid, 2 links):


The dedication was written about in the Aug 08 Governor's newsletter which is archived: http://wayback.archive-it.org/1200/20090726070154/http://www.gov.state.ak.us/newsletter/PAF_August2008.php

Still photo of the event on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43205433@N00/3826466450/in/photostream/

05/17/2011 06:14

LA Times has a scoop: Schwarzenegger fathered a love child over a decade ago with a longtime member of household staff.

The LA times interviewed a member of the household staff who retired this Jan. She denied that Arnold was the papa but Arnold decided to come clean. He issued a statement last night to confess, and to ask for privacy for his family.


Perhaps the physical resemblance to his child could no longer be denied. Better to confess quickly than subject the innocent kid to endless speculation and paparazzi.

Does Wasilla-flavored Christianity encourage confession?

05/17/2011 09:21

Thank you all! Great links, great info added to this post. I too remember Audrey and the fascinating and meticulous posts she presented.

As for the Arnold situation, now just imagine how many people had to be in on THAT conspiracy in order to keep it quiet. Doctors, government officials, a friend here or there. They say he told his wife after he left the office of governor. Can it be true that he kept this secret for TEN years?

If so, then anything can be kept secret for 3 years. Anything.

05/17/2011 09:38

About the governator, I am SHOCKED! Could it be possible that only Arnold and the woman knew? If she was married (I swear the article I read said she was married at the time) you could see her not telling, but if she was married how did they know it was Arnold's kid?

I guess it just goes to show you that things can be kept quiet for at least some time. Look at Jack Nicholson he didn't know his sister was really his mother for decades.

05/17/2011 10:00

@DebinOH. The kid headed off to school saying, "I'll be back." Then mom knew.

05/17/2011 11:38

Repeating theme in alot of the articles on Arhold's love child is that if you build your brand on family values, then you are a sleaze bag basically if you do not walk the walk. HHmm. Hope this catches on in the MSM in regard to Palin. Also, one article stated that Arnold came clean becasue he was about to be "outed"...
Imagine faking a pregnancy, commandeering a child with Tri-G and trying to be a heartbeat away from the US presidency based on this little act???

05/18/2011 06:53

At the URL site Ms. Empathy Belly posted, did you see the feature listed at the bottom?



Hard-sided Carry Case available
(sold separately):

(The Empathy Belly) Yes. Durable, Samsonite, hard sided, custom foam-fitted, Carry Case "On Wheels"

(Competitor's Product) No.


I can just imagine Todd wheeling that "Hard-sided Carry Case" with "The Empathy Belly" inside, on board the Alaska Airlines flight from Dallas to Seattle to Anchorage.

Also, noting this warning at the bottom of the page, makes me wonder if sister Molly, being a "professional in the medical field", was directly complicit in obtaining The Empathy Belly rather than Dr. CBJ?

""The Empathy Belly"™ cannot be loaned out, rented, or sold to the general public. It is sold as part of a comprehensive teaching module, and therefore sold only to professionals in the medical, educational, and social fields."


P.S. ahasgrl, great observation and testing of the slapping-flat-belly theory!

05/18/2011 23:21

I remember the first time I saw the video of Palin that was done by Elan Frank, with her slapping her belly, bragging about her "tight abs", swiveling back and forth in her chair, and babbling away about hiding "it" and then not really trying to hide "it", etc. If that's not a good video clip for someone who reads body language to evaluate, I don't know what else would be. Anybody know a body language expert? I'd be happy to contribute to paying for one if we need to, it would be well worth it.

There have been a lot of posters who have mentioned that they were surprised that Palin thought she could get away with this farce. Despite the fact that she didn't know for certain it would work, she had every reason to believe it would. After all, she had gotten away with hundreds of lies for years and had been protected by the Alaska media. She had no reason to doubt that they would continue to do so. Unfortunately, she was right. In fact, if she hadn't been selected for the V.P. nomination by McCain, that would have been the end of the story. Thanks to Laura and all the other bloggers, this is the beginning of the story. Except this time around, the truth will be told. If $arah isn't worried, she should be, as there are far too many people committed to seeing the truth revealed to the world. Sarah Palin is going down for good. If she doesn't realize this, she's far more stupid than even I believed.

05/19/2011 12:36

Look: this woman is a pathological liar and has a history of believing that she is so important, so immune from everyday accountability that she could sick the entire Alaska State Police on her own brother in law. She is more than capable of stuffing a pillow under her Goddamn shirt.

Andrew Sullivan is right to keep the pressure up on this one because she continues to have such a huge influence in a major political party that for better or worse, impacts the way everyday Americans live. She collects incredible amounts of money and squirrels it away for herself and her family and God knows what else--but she is stringing along a bunch of pathetic patsy's in order to do it. She needs to be outed as the liar and crook that she is.

And for the record, I bet $50 bucks that the baby was the love child of someone else she felt desperate to cover for. Not her daughter, but most likely her husband, the Toddster. It makes the most sense.

05/19/2011 16:10

Just one question: every time I see that picture of the two women on the balcony, with S. Palin supposedly on the right, pregnant, it seems obvious to me that Sarah is the woman on the left. Even the back of that head looks more like her than the woman on the right (sister?). I know she used to have frizzy hair, but older pictures of her seem to indicate that she was always styling it, which is certainly not the case in that picture (unless she's...on the left). Am I crazy?

05/19/2011 16:37

I'm 6 months pregnant right now, and if you look at me straight on from the front when I'm wearing a black shirt, I look kind of fat but not necessarily pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy. I look huge from the side. And with some leftover fat from other pregnancies, my tummy is less round than it was the other two times.

In short: as far as I know, there's no reason to doubt she was pregnant or had a baby. However, her stories about it simply don't add up. I think the most logical explanation is that she's a huge B.S.er and couldn't stop herself from telling tall tales about the whole thing. Maybe there's a deeper motive, maybe a cover up of something, who knows. The point is, either she's completely irresponsible as a mother, or she's a tall-tale-teller of a sort we don't want holding public office. Either way it's damning, and you don't have to doubt her pregnancy to think that.

Brad Scharlott
05/19/2011 19:05

Suzy - I'm kind of sorry I did not include a different screen grab from the Frank video - it's a side view of her standing, and her stomach is just plain flat.

Brad Scharlott
05/19/2011 19:08

Jerome - That is her sister on the right. Sarah's hair in a few college pics I've seen is in that frizzy style.

Brad Scharlott
05/19/2011 19:10

Jerome - I meant to say, that's her sister on the left, Sarah on the right.

05/20/2011 14:12

Suzy and Jerome, Welcome and thank you for reading and commenting.

There have been other shots of her in the 80's with that "big hair" look, so I've never questioned that that is her on the right in the big shirt.

And Suzy, you may well be right. And she might well be the birth mother. In which case, either the Wild Ride is what is alarming, or the penchant for making up tall tales.

Hopefully, one day we'll forget this story ever happened because a good answer will finally come about.

Thanks again for visiting.

06/25/2013 00:10

Pregnancy time is the best time in one women’s life. She gets lots of care and love from all her loved ones and family. The baby inside makes you always proud and gives you the feel of a mother. Thank s to the God, for giving this blessing to the women.

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