Occupy Writers is an interesting website someone sent me. A statement by Lemony Snicket, whose series of unfortunate events I simply loved, is pasted below. I am awaiting the outcome of the U.C. Regents meeting today and any news on a general strike at the various campuses. So, please use this post to address the Occupy Movement, Syracuse and related stories, or anything in the news you'd like to discuss. Many thanks!

by Lemony Snicket

Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance 

1. If you work hard, and become successful, it does not necessarily mean you are successful because you worked hard, just as if you are tall with long hair it doesn’t mean you would be a midget if you were bald.

2. “Fortune” is a word for having a lot of money and for having a lot of luck, but that does not mean the word has two definitions.

3. Money is like a child—rarely unaccompanied. When it disappears, look to those who were supposed to be keeping an eye on it while you were at the grocery store. You might also look for someone who has a lot of extra children sitting around, with long, suspicious explanations for how they got there.

4. People who say money doesn’t matter are like people who say cake doesn’t matter—it’s probably because they’ve already had a few slices.

5. There may not be a reason to share your cake. It is, after all, yours. You probably baked it yourself, in an oven of your own construction with ingredients you harvested yourself. It may be possible to keep your entire cake while explaining to any nearby hungry people just how reasonable you are.

6. Nobody wants to fall into a safety net, because it means the structure in which they’ve been living is in a state of collapse and they have no choice but to tumble downwards. However, it beats the alternative.

7. Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Don’t tell them they aren’t. Sit with them and have a drink.

8. Don’t ask yourself if something is fair. Ask someone else—a stranger in the street, for example.

9. People gathering in the streets feeling wronged tend to be loud, as it is difficult to make oneself heard on the other side of an impressive edifice.

10. It is not always the job of people shouting outside impressive buildings to solve problems. It is often the job of the people inside, who have paper, pens, desks, and an impressive view.

11. Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending.

12. If you have a large crowd shouting outside your building, there might not be room for a safety net if you’re the one tumbling down when it collapses.

13. 99 percent is a very large percentage. For instance, easily 99 percent of people want a roof over their heads, food on their tables, and the occasional slice of cake for dessert. Surely an arrangement can be made with that niggling 1 percent who disagree.



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11/27/2011 18:19:03
Where's the outrage, the Syracus post?

ESPN had this tape in 2003. ESPN is complicit in sexual abuse of minors. Why isn't the basketball coach fired.

Why didn't ESPN crucilfy Syracus eback in 2003. They hads the story. Oh wait. Syracuse U. is home to the Newhouse School of Public Communications where sports announcers, writers etc. (read network talent) go to learn their trade. Bob Costas anyone.


Coverup. Swarm the Syracuse campus. Incite riots.

Here's the wife of the now fired alleged perp legally taped conversation with one of the alleged victims:


11/28/2011 08:19:08
This is an email from former Penn State captain, Brandon Short, to his fellow former captains. If you take Brandon at his word there's some information here that explains what Joe Paterno was told by Mike McQueary back in 2002. You'll also see in what high esteem Joe is hold by former players and why.

Captains –

"It would be an understatement to say that we are saddened by the recent allegations regarding Jerry Sandusky and the subsequent fallout. If these allegations are true then Jerry used Penn State Football and every one of us who may have helped Jerry with The Second Mile to lure in at risk children and then exploit them both mentally and physically. I thought that I knew Jerry Sandusky extremely well. Jerry was my position coach for five years and I have spent countless hours with him one on one putting in game plans and discussing ways to help him grow The Second Mile. I cannot express the confusion, pain, and anger I feel every time I think of Jerry committing such vicious crimes. With that said, at this extremely dark hour we have failed to see that another crime has been committed.

In the media fire storm that ensued the damning allegations against Jerry a lead villain has emerged; Joe Paterno. Not Jerry Sandusky, Tim Curley, or Gary Schultz but Joe the man who took second hand information and immediately gave it to his superior and the chief of university police.

My wife and I were fortunate enough to spend a few hours with Joe and Sue the day after the Board of Trustees made the decision to fire Joe. Even at the lowest point of his life, in typical Joe fashion Coach was more concerned with how his current and former players were doing than he was with his own situation. All of us know the immeasurable quality of Joe’s character and we also know that he’s a fighter. Coach pulled out his notes and said that he was ready to hold a press conference in his backyard to answer any questions and clear up any uncertainty the day after he was fired. However his advisers thought that it would appear defensive and be a mistake.

Joe assured me that Mike McQueary never told him that he saw Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in our locker room shower. Joe immediately went to his superiors and arranged a meeting with Mike, Tim Curley, PSU athletic director, and Gray Schultz, chief of university police. Remember that Jerry was not a football coach at the time and therefore Joe had no authority to do anything other than report what Mike told him to the authorities (which he did). Joe trusted Penn State’s Athletic Director and its Chief of Police to do their jobs and it appears they didn’t. The university ultimately fired Joe Paterno because it didn’t do its job. And that is a crime.

Joe Paterno has always had the courage to stand up and fight for the people in his life. Joe regularly put his neck on the line and believed in many of us when nobody else would. In the past, Joe has supported us because he knew the character of the men that we’ve become. We all know Joe in a way that rest of the world does not. We know Joe’s true character. And now it’s time for us to stand up for him in his time of need.

With the exception of a few brave men, there has been a deafening silence from the Penn State Football family regarding Coach Paterno and what has made Penn State a special place for the last half century. We owe it to each other to speak up and do for Joe what he has always done for us.

Attached is a link to a recent Wall Street Journal article which attacks Coach Paterno for defending his players and calls Penn State an undisciplined program.


There have been suggestions on specific actions that we can take to support our program. Following the holiday, we plan on sending you a rough draft of an action plan for your review. Thanks and have a good holiday weekend. WE ARE!"


11/28/2011 10:48

Here's a good interview with a longtime, now retired journalist (granted, a PSU grad, '59, worth the read nonetheless) about the state of journalism today generally and viv-a-vis Sandusky. It's a few pages but a quick read.


11/28/2011 11:52

Things I still don't understand about the PS scandal:

--I have never understood why Paterno was fired when one of the two other guys retired and the other one resigned. This fact sure supports the idea that JP was scapegoated.

--Why is Sandusky out on BOND (which is not the same as "bail," although I see the two often interchanged: doesn't "bond" mean "on his own recognizance"? And I guess it means Sandusky is not out any money [as he would be with "bail"] unless he flees). I know this was a decision of the judge who was connected to 2nd Mile, who was pulled off the case later for conflict of interest. The amount also seems really low to me: if I were Sandusky facing prison (and being beaten up by other inmates) for such a crime, $100k would not keep me from fleeing (even if if it's hard to think where he could hide successfully).

--The radio reporter who first outed this story also said "boys sold in pedophilia ring," but I have seen nothing more about this. (Can't remember who put up the link to the murder/suicide of the Georgia politician who was in the process of uncovering such a scandal, which was later suppressed.)

--I don't understand why Joe P used the term "witch hunt" TWICE in a early interview. I assumed he knew all by that time, so his use of that term made him seem complicit, but now I am thinking it was because he actually didn't know anything about it. Neither explanation fits well.

--Sure would like to know more about the DA who went missing and is now declared dead. Someone must know more about whether it looks related to the pedophilia charges or not.

--I have still not seen one particle of reporting re the therapy/healing/help efforts for any of the victims. I don't mean identifying them, just general info that anyone has ever addressed this.

--Does Penn State and 2nd Mile intend to wait until the legal process is over before extending ANY help to victims? The legalities could take years. In addition to the decades that have already passed.

--Syracuse just makes the mind boggle.

Meanwhile, Laura, the post today is so well put. The 13 Snickett observations. Thank you!

11/28/2011 12:48

Lemony Snicket's #3 statement is perfect.

11/28/2011 13:09

I saw Mr. Snicket a couple of weeks ago on Rachel and was impressed. I, too, enjoyed A Series of Unfortunate Events.

mistah charley, ph.d.
11/28/2011 13:15

Speaking of money and where it goes, as Mr. Snicket did, here's something the late George Carlin said several years ago:

And now they’re coming for your social security money. They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something. They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later ‘cause they own this f.cking place. It’s a big club. And you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club. By the way, it’s the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head with their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy.


11/28/2011 13:59

I always loved George Carlin - he told it like it was with no punches pulled.

This take all for the 1% was planned out back in the 1930's on an island off North Carolina. The name escapes me at the moment. It was further planned in the New American Century paperwork.

It was put in motion slowly so we wouldn't notice. The 1% have so much of everything now, that it is 'full steam ahead, who cares if they notice, we have IT ALL'.

I wish the Occupiers well. Maybe if there were 100 million out there the rich bitches would have to take notice?

Laura Novak
11/28/2011 14:09

That George Carlin clip is a keeper. It's worth its own post. I love his voice: both his vocal cords and what he says and how he says it. And know what? He's right. We're all F'kd and Frosty said it too: it was all planned a long time ago.

As for Syracuse, I find that interview with Mrs. Fine heinous. She kept making excuses for her sleeze bag husband who she KNEW was molesting the boy? And then SHE has an affair with him when he was 18???? Did I read that right? She just kept explaining away her husband's behavior and said that if Davis had been a girl, she could have done something. Someone lock that woman up. She aided and abetted the entire "basement" and "bedroom" scenario. That interview disgusts me.

Tom, I appreciate the email from that man. But what's not clear is the sentence that starts out that McQ "never" told Paterno anything. And then the next sentence has Paterno running to all these authorities. But the previous sentence said he hadn't told him he saw them in the shower. So what DID he allegedly say and what DID Paterno allegedly report?

11/28/2011 15:38

Yup, I'd say my education resulting from our Sarah Palin experience tells me that Geo Carlin is just right.

I suppose everyone knows that Carlin was one of the voices narrating "Thomas the Tank Engine," which we all loved in this house. V endearing and surprising to me.

11/28/2011 15:38

@Frosty--I think you're thinking of 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. Just type those words in and you'll see. Jekyll is an island off of N. FL where JP MOrgan (I think) had an enclave. It's about the creatiion of a cental bank (Fed today) in the early 20th Century.

@Laura--You might want to reread this paragraph.

"Joe assured me that Mike McQueary never told him that he saw Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in our locker room shower. Joe immediately went to his superiors and arranged a meeting with Mike, Tim Curley, PSU athletic director, and Gray Schultz, chief of university police. Remember that Jerry was not a football coach at the time and therefore Joe had no authority to do anything other than report what Mike told him to the authorities (which he did). Joe trusted Penn State’s Athletic Director and its Chief of Police to do their jobs and it appears they didn’t. The university ultimately fired Joe Paterno because it didn’t do its job. And that is a crime."

McQueary didn't tell Joe that he saw a 'rape'. The contention has been that Joe knew a boy was raped. He didn't according to him and this email. McQueary musyt have described something absolutely untoward but not rape. Joe took the proper steps which the public deemed totally insufficient because they're reading rape, and it's being reported rape/sodomy. Effectively, ESPN fired Joe. Now ESPN has admitted to having the tape you listened back in 2003 but didn't act on it. So though Joe Paterno and Penn State didn't perform their moral obligation they were tried and convicted, but it seems that ESPN doesn't hold mitself accountable to those same moral obligations. F'ers.

@Ottoline--I don't know anything more than you about the missing DA. He was declared dead. He's been missing since 2005. It's thought to have been a suicede though that he had looked up ways of erasing a hard drive some were very suspicious. It may just be a coincidence. Don't know. Think his name was Ray Gricar.

Understanfd also that the Second MIle and PSU were intertwined in many ways just because Sandusky was so prominenet at PSU and in the State College community. Naturally he looked to the footbal program and his contacts for support when he started it up. Joe said it best--Sandusky had a lot of people fooled. This whole thing is a very long story. The independent investigation is gpoing back to 1975. This Sandusky thing has torched the entire university community and has brought down a great man because it was determined by the media, all pieces of shit, that Joe didn't fulfill his moral obligation. They, media, don't know the entire story. They didn't care. They smelled blood, the blood of a living legend. Now they, ESPN, don't hold themselves accountable. How about their moral obligation?

There's so much more I could write about this. It's complicated and ugly and pathetic.

As for the children/adults, not nearly all have been identified or come forward includinmg the boy/man in the shower (though Sandusky's attorney claims they think they found him and this victim claims he wasn't raped in the shower. See what I mean?

11/28/2011 17:02

LOVE love love the brilliant aphorisms by Lemony Snicket. He's a regular Ben Franklin. I had no idea! George Carlin is a genius. Both men demonstrate why we need artists for the real truthtelling.

Ottoline and Tom: when I read the "rumor" that Sandusky had supplied boys to big donors, my abuse-geiger counter went off with bells. My gut is that Paterno is the scapegoat. Fire Paterno and put the blame on him. Otherwise, a pedophile ring scandal would kill Penn State. Universities today are businesses, not halls of higher learning. What is being saved (and put above the children who were hurt) is a multi-billion dollar business and a football reputation.

(Effects of Sexual abuse are very difficult to treat, and it cannot be treated if a person is in denial. Penn State should definitely pay for all therapy. I'm sure the victim's law suits will start soon.)

11/28/2011 17:09

@Viola--The media forced the issue and the man who built that school got tossed out the door (with a f'in phone call after 61 years). You're right, he was scapegoated. Power and money, just like ESPN getting off scotfree (haven't used that expression in a 100 years--must be getting mellow)).

Laura Novak
11/28/2011 17:10

Yes, I do indeed remember Carlin's voice from the Thomas videos. What a voice it is!

Well said, V-A. And Tom, I hear you as well. I saw a documentary recently on Italians and Paterno was interviewed. It's hard to imagine him as a bad guy, just even based on that interview. V-A might well be on to the scenario. I just hope it all gets sorted out and the victims get the help needed.

As for ESPN and the tape, I hope there is a better explanation forthcoming for that as well.

11/28/2011 17:36

Did everyone but me know about former Sen. Nancy Schaefer who was starting to make some big noise re Children's Protective Svcs (CPS) doing pedophilia, and then she and her husband died in a murder-suicide that seems oddly unlikely. And was largely unreported, per present google info.

I realize that we do not have enough info, but the parallels re MSM failure are just eerie to me:

1. Palin hoax (and possibly related murder of Dar Miller) and MSM failure to investigate and report on any higher-ups involved.

2. Penn State scapegoating at present, the "suicide" of Gricar the DA. And MSM failure, for decades.

3. Former Sen Schaefer's reporting on CPS and her suspicious death, with no names named. So the cover-up remained covered u.

4. Same stuff re Vatican and RC abuse of children.

So my question is: Is this how it's always been, through time immemorial? Re pedophilia? Re Carlin's charges of us 99%ers not being in the owner's club?
Re an unfree MSM? I suspect the answer is YES, with only slight variations.

11/28/2011 18:39

Otto: I say yes. It's always been that way. I love how much faith we put in "journalism." But my belief is that whatever must be sold, should be suspect. My trust has been in artists. They are the ones who'll tell you the story or paint you the picture even if no one buys it.

Tonight I heard a tribute to the filmmaker Ken Russell on NPR. He directed one of my favorite films, Women In Love. In the tribute they played a scene from Russell's film of TOMMY. I'd totally forgotten Uncle Ernie and his "diddling about" -- and how Tommy ends up deaf, dumb, and blind.

What I love about the Occupy Movement is that it is just like ART and maybe is ART. It started out as a voice. It's evolving and developing, and it's becoming what it needs to be. It is a creative process.

What's always been true about art is that you can't just RAIL about what's wrong and expect change. No, you must seduce the viewer/listener, and then before they know it, they've been changed by a vision of truth that could pass all their barriers.

11/28/2011 21:16

Thanks to Tom and Ottoline on their discussion of the PSU scandal. I've become very leery of trusting the msm, especially early on when reporting "in real time" They're loose cannons with words and inuendo without questioning their sources fully.
Joe Pat was close to receiving an award for his years of coaching, and he was scapegoated. While the real perp is out on bond making my stomach turn with his rants about how much he loves kids...
At this point, I don't see Joe being vindicated, and for that I feel he got cheated.
I survived Catholic School, and have seen with my own eyes the devistation the lives of the victims become, especially when they don't get some kind of coping skills and therapy early on.
George Carlin WAS an absolute genius. He took the mundane and made us see it in a different light. His voice, facial expressions and exhuberance for his craft made it even funnier.

Laura, I love your post! Lemony Snicket's list is great. I love the premise of the "Occupy Writers" and "Occupy Photographers", they remind me of the "Day in the Life of..." photo project, except it will memorialize this movement through the eyes of different types of writers, artists, and photographers, and will help to not only memorialize it, but make the movement grow. Viola Alex's comment above says it more poigniantly than I can.

11/28/2011 22:22

@Sherryn--At this point the only thing left honoring Joe Paterno is a statue of him outside Beaver Stadium. Oh, there's also the library he and his wife Sue funded. There names are still on the building. All the significant awards that had his name attched to them are gone. The Kennedy Medal is gone. This has been done to a man who is a witness, and a valuable one, for the prosecution. He's been convicted by the media and thereby the public of not fulfilling his moral obligation. That will never go away, that stigma, even when we learn what he actually did do, what transpired, and how this whole horrible business evolved.

In the meantime, Joe Paterno's life's work, 61 years of it, has been thrown into the shitter.

11/29/2011 08:01

I subscribe to the premium portion of a Penn State football site. Have for years. Here's a comment that was posted this AM regarding Joe Paterno, Gov. Tom Corbett (told you he was in this up to his neck) and the PSU Board of Trustees. This is a FWIW post but then so were all of Meagain's though she never qualified them that way. Here (Jay and Scott are Paterno sons, Joe is JJoe Paterno, Sue is his wife):

Joe / Corbett


"I want to preface this thread, by stating I wasn't sure if I should even be posting this, but I thought this inormation needed to be out there. I don't post a lot, so let me explain how I came upon this info. I have 3 realitives which work for PSU, 2 of them would never have any info at all on anything, the 3rd is an immediate family remember. The immediate family member is a Director at the university and how I find a lot of information out. I recieved a call from this person this morning, telling me about a converstaion they just had with one of their employees. They explained that this employee grew up with Jay and Scott and visited with the Paternos over the weekend. According to the employee, Sue explained that Joe has a lot of dirt on Corbett and the BOT related to Sandusky and when they are allowed to tell the truth it will be damming. She also said that it wasn't Spainer who cancelled Joe's press conference the day before he was fired, that it was Corbett. Apprentley what ever Joe is waiting to tell will be enough to bring Corbett down. This employee also stated that Joe is not doing well at all and is coughing up a lot of blood. As always, TIFWIW."

11/29/2011 08:42

This nails it:


11/29/2011 08:56

@Viola and Ottoline--Here's some smoke about pimping and prostitution with the full knowledge of now PA Gov. Tom Corbett and others. Makes sense of the actions of Corbett regarding Paterno and PSU. Boy, I hope all these bastards burn.

11/29/2011 08:57

Shite, forgot the link to the above.


11/29/2011 09:45

Interesting. My post above that's addressed to 'All,' has been deleted from the forum because, as the original poster explained, it had gotten back to his relative and the poster was asked to take it down. Don't know if that means much but...

Laura Novak
11/29/2011 10:52

Yes, so well said, V-A, though it pains me to think that you are this wise through experience.

Tom, that Yardbird article is chilling. As is the personal comment from the person with insiders at PSU. So, Corbett, huh? They make movies out of this stuff. Recall I recently posted about True Confessions?

So, do insiders say that Paterno is going to take this lying down? If he hired an attorney, I hope he uses him/her to his best advantage. There is more to this story to be sure. Yet, don't the victims eventually get lost in the shuffle?

Laura Novak
11/29/2011 10:54

Michael Jackson verdict now in: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/11/28/national/a141405S13.DTL

Not sure what I think of this. Obviously it's a sad story from Motown on. And by that I mean that the abuse they allegedly suffered at their father's hands, the confusing lifestyle, the allegations and then the need for propyphol to sleep. It turns my stomach. But I don't know what to think of this sentence. Anyone else?

Laura Novak
11/29/2011 10:56

And then there's this:

I read it on my phone this morning and thought I must be imagining what I read. But then again, why does this surprise me? Am I the last innocent on the planet?

11/29/2011 11:04

Re "Joe has dirt on the Bd of Directors." Of course he does.

My feeling all along has been that everyone knew everything from the beginning. Proof? Only my experience as part of various communities in real life. At that top level at Penn State, it was their lifeblood for everyone to know everything. That's the job of top mgmt: to know everything and act upon it so as to protect the organization. (Doing the right thing is NOT the top priority.) WHILE AT ALL TIMES MAINTAINING DENIABILITY. The idea that Joe has dirt only confirms this.

So it's a complicated dance now, for each participant, to construct a story that takes advantage of the credible deniability carefully established over time vs the stories of others who might actually tell in a way that can be confirmed or believed -- and that thus could implicate others.

It's the job of the big guys to see that different entities do not cover/report/investigate this kind of thing. It's the job of the little guys to keep quiet. That's worked for all these years. Still working just fine for the Palin hoax, too.

I bet Joe's choice in the end will come down to (1) tell what he knows in a public way and therefore suffer further consequences probably affecting his children, or (2) keep it quiet and get some kind of additional settlement, which would be really hard to refuse, because it would be a combination of cash AND not doing the several bad things that would hurt his family members.

I would not blame Joe for keeping quiet. It's not the "right" thing to do, but that's life in the big city. If Joe told all and thus hugely damaged his family, his info might not see the light of day anyway. At least not if the guilty perps who ARE in Geo Carlin's club have their way.

Of course that does nothing to protect the truly innocent victims (past, present, and future). But I am hard pressed to say I would visit concrete guaranteed danger upon my family in an effort (that might not succeed) to protect others. WWII films of courageous acts notwithstanding. And anyway, no one seems to have done anything to help the victims so far. I guess they remain forevermore casualties of VIP types.

11/29/2011 11:12

Laura: re "Am I the last innocent on the planet?" -- you and me both. But if the 1% club can keep VIP pedophilia clubs secret for decades, why not bank issues? I'm going out to do some weeding and pruning. In the garden. I can't control the garden either: rats in the compost.

11/29/2011 12:18

RE: OWS. I just heard on the radio that Occupy San Diego, who had been raided downtown and run off a few weeks ago, has returned. This time they've erected a camp of ---tiny---- tents. The newscaster (with straight face) said that the police have no plans to raid the new camp.

hhahahahahahah I laughed out loud. I'm beginning to really love these people.

11/29/2011 13:46

@Laura--I don't think that Joe wants to hurt the university. He loves PSU. It's been his home and work for 60+ years. Joe does have an attorney but I don't view Joe as a litigious person at all. On the contrary, I see him as someone who likes to get things done the right way without a bunch of noise. I've read that Joe also has hired a PR firm. I think both the attorney and the lawyer are for counsel and protection, not for attack.

Let me say this here. Joe graduated Brown where he stidied the classics. I believe that was his major. He reads and rereads and quotes the Greeks, Romans etc. He understands that the wisdom expressed by those scholars all those years ago applies today, yesterday and for as long as humans are human. I think he has a deep understanding of human behavior both good and bad derived from vast personal experience and of course his ongoing personal education.

As for the victims, they're not the story. You know this better than me, Laura. The story has been Joe Paterno 'cause who doesn't want to topple a legend these days. Old goody two shoes wasn't so good afterall mentakity. Now we can feel better about ourselves bullshit. Joe knows these things.

@Ottoline--The word 'dirt' was used but we can't be sure it's solely about the Sandusky business. Joe's been around there a long time and yes he was a powerful man in State College. But I think there's things that even he couldn't control. Fired/resigned Pres. Spanier had lots of power too. There's plenty enough blame here to be spread around. That the largest part of the blame has been place at Joe's feet is what really really pisses me off.

What it really comes down too is what did Mike McQueary tell Joe in 2002? What did MM tell Curley/Schultz in 2002? MM told the Grand Jury anal intercourse. Is that what he told Joe/Curley/Schultz? MM went home that night at his dad's request/demand. It's very possible, and maybe even likely, that Sandusky and MM/MM's dad spoke at least once before MM met with Curley/Schultz. Sandusky knew it was MM who caught him in the shower. I've written before that MM's dad and Sandusky have known each other all their adult lives and MM has known Sandusky all his life. It's a mess.

11/29/2011 14:08

I disagree that it comes down to "what did Mike McQ tell." As I've said before, no matter who said what to whom and when, that info must have traveled fast among the relevant folks. And been discussed at length. How could it not have?? And acted upon, for the "benefit" of Penn State and the 1%ers.

I think it comes down to "what will be our story that we are ALL going to stick to?" I'd guess that's why JP's attorneys said no Q&A backyard conference: JP would give away too much and reduce the options of everyone, incl himself.

I'm glad to hear about Joe's education and his great reputation from all sides. All but ESPN. I bet he did what he could. I bet he did more than most would have. I bet he meant it when he said he wished he had done more. That means he did do SOME thing(s). But his job was football, not restraining Sandusky. Joe stuck to his own knitting. I don't blame him. He addressed the real world as he found it, and did a lot of good things.

I am still guessing that the 1% club will prevail over Joe in keeping the lid on the remaining parts of this. And I'm hoping that Joe is right now writing down his version into a manuscript that he'll leave behind to his heirs, so they can decide when/if to sell it.

11/29/2011 14:54

Here you go, a video by SortsbyBrooks showing the blatant ESPN hypocrisy. It's short.


11/29/2011 20:47

The verdict means nothing to me. He got sentenced to four years, and will be out in less than two, due to prison overpopulation. Where's the justice in that? But in a way, Michael got exactly what he paid for, he doctor shopped until he found an opportunistic parasyte with no scruples. I feel for his family, especially the children, but the level of dysfunction can't be denied.

The bank story was an eye opener. Since 1913, the government has been loaning money to "too big to fail" banks? For some reason, my brain can't wrap itself around that fact. Large companies used taxpayer money to expand their businesses and make huge profits. And they get loopholes, percs, and tax cuts- unflippinbelievable!

off topic, Philly's OWS is having a standoff with the police, the site they're occupying, dillworth plaza, is slated for renovations this week. They were asked to move across the street to another park, but can't sleep over nor use tents in the new site. Half have complied, the other half are digging in, and the cops are cautiously scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do next. The mayor and police commissioner have, for the most part, been extremely supportive and peaceful, I just hope they don't try anything stupid.

11/29/2011 21:00

@Sherryn--Are you in Philly? If so, what do you think Frank Rizzo'd do to the OWSers? It'd be ugly. 'Course, if he could collect a cover charge for each protester he might actually promote the thing.

11/29/2011 21:03

Scott Olson is being interviewed live on "The Ed Show", when the clip becomes available, I'll post a link.

I'm profoundly proud of this young man. His speech is still affected, yet with all he's been though, he's planning on re-joining his fellow protesters.

A true soldier's heart and proud American. I'm in tears watching him struggle to find words.

11/30/2011 08:20


Laura Novak
11/30/2011 10:06

Sherryn, I know, an amazing story isn't it.

And Tom, thank you for another great link. That blogger sums up what you've been saying all along.

A new post up. I've started a conversation there. Perhaps we can keep going on all fronts on the Wednesday post.

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